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  • Roost Raises $5.5M To Retrofit Dumb Gadgets Into Smart Gadgets

    Roost Raises $5.5M To Retrofit Dumb Gadgets Into Smart Gadgets

    In 2014 the Roost Smart Battery accumulated nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter pledges. But that was just the start for Roost. Today the company is announcing a $5.5 million Series A lead by RPM Ventures as the company expands its operations and gears up for launch. The Roost Smart Battery turns ordinary smoke detectors into a smart smoke detector. Roost CEO Roel Peeters tells TechCrunch that a lot… Read More

  • Can OpenID Be Commercialized? Investors Bet $3.25 Million On JanRain

    JanRain has always been on the forefront evangelizing OpenID, the decentralized authentication method for the new Web, as a founding member of the OpenID Foundation. But the company is not a non-profit, and aims to turn the deployment of online identification technology in enterprise environments into a viable business. JanRain just got a vote of confidence from three U.S.-based venture… Read More