• Square-Enix Working On Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy For Android

    Square-Enix Working On Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy For Android

    While Nintendo has officially disavowed the notion of making smartphone games, their long-time software associate Square-Enix seems to have no compunction in churning them out. They’ve pumped out over 30 iOS apps to date, but Square-Enix is now looking to revive a few of their classic titles on an Android phone near you. Read More

  • Square Enix Announces Online RPG Dragon Quest X For Wii And Wii U

    Square Enix Announces Online RPG Dragon Quest X For Wii And Wii U

    The Tokyo Game Show 2011 is just ten days away, but Square Enix preferred to hold a separate press conference in Tokyo to announce their next big game, Dragon Quest X [JP]. Perhaps the biggest surprises, after months of anticipation, are that the tenth installment in the 25-year old RPG series will be an online RPG and available on both the Wii and the Wii U. The full title of the game will… Read More

  • Chaos Rings: Square Enix releases fantastic trailer for iPhone-exclusive RPG

    Japanese video gaming powerhouse Square Enix has released a handful of hit titles for the iPhone already (including Final Fantasy I and II), but the next one, an RPG named Chaos Rings, is poised to blow them all out of the water. Officially announced [JP] today, the game’s trailer shows absolutely amazing graphics. Read More

  • Final Fantasy for iPhone: First trailer and new screenshots

    In case you haven’t heard already, Final Fantasy I and II are heading for the iPhone. Originally released in Japan in 1987 and 1988, respectively, for the NES, it took a while for the now legendary RPGs to go America, but they did (on various platforms). And now Square Enix is planning special versions for the iPhone/iPod touch, both in Japanese and English. Read More

  • Final Fantasy XIII gets 39/40 rating from Famitsu magazine

    The Famitsu [JP], Japan’s (and probably the world’s) most important video game magazine, awarded New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii with a perfect 40/40 rating just last month. It was only the 13th game to receive that score (4 editors giving 10 out of 10 points), and many people believed Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 would follow today. But that didn’t happen. Read More

  • 40/40 rating: Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 gets perfect score from Famitsu

    Japan’s biggest gaming publication, the Famitsu, has rewarded another RPG for a Nintendo system with a perfect rating today. After giving Dragon Quest IX 40 out of 40 possible points, all four Famitsu editors testing Monster Hunter 3 (aka Monster Hunter Tri) think it’s worth receiving 10s from each reviewer, too. Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii is one of the most popular games of the show (video)

    Monster Hunter is a highly popular RPG brand in Japan so no wonder people lined up for hours at the Tokyo Game Show to play the third part of the series (I didn’t). Capcom will release this game on the Wii but it’s undecided when. Watch a video of the game after the jump. Read More

  • 3 new Sonic Chronicles videos, now with terribly useless narration!

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=39541 My hopes for Sonic Chronicles are remarkably high. I mean, come on – it’s Sega’s attempt at recreating the glory that is Super Mario RPG with the Sonic cast, and it’s made by Bioware, the only company to make an RPG worth playing since 1997. Sega/Bioware released 3 new videos today: an introduction, a gameplay video… Read More

  • Piggy bank for RPG fans to be released in Japan

    Takara Tomy announced they will roll out a mixture between a savings box and an RPG in Japan on August 7th. The so-called “Bankquest” [JP] will cost $37. Players will be able to boost their character’s skills by placing any coin from 1 to 500 Yen into the lid of the box. Takara Tomy says the game will feature more than 160 items (weapons, healing drinks, armor etc.) you can buy. Read More