Voice interfaces beginning to find their way into business

Imagine attending a business meeting with an Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on the conference table. A question arises about the month’s sales numbers in the Southeast region. Inst

Roxy grabs $2.2 million seed investment to build Alexa-like voice devices customized for business

Some of the biggest names in technology are all in on voice-controlled devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but Roxy, a Seattle-based startup believes that businesses need a voice system wher

Speaking of… Social Venues with Nic Adler of The Roxy [TCTV]

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-266027" title="nicadler" src="" alt="" width="205" height="300" />We read a lot of news abo

Review: JBL Roxy reference 430 & 250 headphones

“Aww, those are so cute!” says my wife as I took the new JBL Roxy headphones out of the shipping box. Me? I could not care less how my gadgets look, as long as they work well. But my wife

Roxy and JBL team up on portable music products

<img src="">Surfer girls take notice: the Roxy-branded headphones that are coming out shortly are made by <a href="http://www.crunch

Plantronics + Quiksilver/Roxy = Bluetooth Audio That Doesn't Look Douchey

(or, indeed, unwired) clothing is something we’ve seen before, iPod remotes in sleeves and the like, but Plantronics has partnered with Roxy and Quiksilver and they seem to have gotten it right,