• Roxio Releases Toast 11 Titanium and Pro

    Roxio just announced the release of Toast 11 Titanium and Titanium Pro DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray disk authoring software for the Mac. If there’s anything constant about Toast is that it’s constantly changing. This new version is a considerably departure from the previous few versions and features a more streamlined interface as well as improved Blu-Ray authoring services. Read More

  • Roxio Creator 2011 Turns Your Photos Into 3D Works of Art

    Sigh. So Roxio’s Creator 2011, a fairly good piece of software in general, is offering full importing from 3D cameras like the Fujifilm W3 and it can turn 2D photos into 3D images. Why would you do this? Because, presumably, you want your grandma to sit with glasses on while she looks at snapshots that look like bad anaglyphic stereograms that she probably saw in Hawaii back in 1965… Read More

  • Sonic Solutions to launch movies on USB flash drives

    Earlier this week, Sonic Solutions announced that they’re planning to roll out downloadable 3D movies for their Roxio CinemaNow line and today they’ve announced that they will begin selling movies on USB flash drives. The CinemaNow USB Movie Drives will be encoded with Hollywood-approved DRM for multiplatform playback thanks to Widewine. Said USB drives will include an integrated… Read More

  • Apple Insider Says: Crunch Not So Hot Yet

    As Apple TV users, we were excited by the launch last week of Crunch, Roxio’s video conversion application that’s focused on the set-top box market. Roxio makes Toast, the super-easy-to-use disc authoring and burning app that has fans all over. If it could do for video conversion what it did for optical discs, then it’d be a great app, right? Well, maybe. Apple Insider… Read More

  • Roxio Crunch Exports Video Better Than Us

    Roxio’s new product called “Crunch” is designed to convert and export video to Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone resolutions and filetypes. Support includes native QuickTime file formats such as DV, AVI, and MOV, in addition to non-QuickTime file formats like DivX, MPEG-2 and DVD-Video. Essentially, you’ll be set between Crunch and Quicktime Pro. Just don’t forget who… Read More

  • Toast 8: TiVo-Tastic

    Just got the boxed version of Toast Titanium 8 in and I’m quite confused, yet happy, yet trepidatious. I’ve always liked Toast — it’s simple, straightforward, and it burns solid disks with little fanfare. But what’s all this TiVo stuff then? Read More