Buffalo Allowed to sell wireless products again (for now)

Earlier, Buffalo Inc. and Buffalo Technology, makers of external hard drives, monitors and other computer peripherals were sued by Australian science agency CSIRO who alleged that Buffalo’s Wi-F has some ‘Cyber Monday’ deals for you: Draft-N Linksys router for $85

Cyber Monday, online retailers’ version of Black Friday, may be a complete sham, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few deals out there. Newegg, which throws the unfortunate phra

What a beautiful vase for–HOLY CRAP IT’S A ROUTER!

You got me, Saudi Telecom. I could have sworn that this was your average, run-of-the-mill flower vase with standard alien symbols and corporate logo adorning the front. But lo and behold, it’s a wir

NetGear releases open source router

Linux dorks rejoice! Now you can use your hard-won understanding of microkernel architecture to program a NetGear Wireless-G Router. The WGR614L has a 16MB of RAM and some extra storage space so you c

Kyocera KR2 router now shipping

I had the KR1 router from Kyocera for a number of months when I was issued a PCMCIA card at my old job. It was a decent router and basically the only one that would work so I didn’t have much of a c

WiMAX routers for Sprint service begin shipping

[photopress:wimaxrouter_1.jpg,full,right] Sprint’s nationwide launch of WiMAX is still a ways away, but the company charged with supplying routers has begun shipping them. Zyxel, which linked up

Help-Key: Use Talisman, Squid, Mogrify and this code to really mess with your Wi-Fi stealing neighbors

[photopress:eback.jpg,full,center] It’s tempting, isn’t it? You know you just really want to do this. And I can’t think of a reason why not. I’m considering it for my home rout

Linksys CES cavalcade

[photopress:IMG_0346.JPG,full,center] Who wants 802.11n? Linksys has a full selection of new routers and bridges for the N generation including a $99 switch that looks like an alien spaceship. Take th

The most powerful Wi-Fi router allowed by law

I get a kick out of stuff that’s the most something-or-other allowed by law. For almost $300, though, I think the most powerful router is a little excessive. Also, it’s got "Extreme&q

Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamer Simplifies Online, Wireless Gaming

Back in the day, I used to write about a lot of Buffalo gadgets that tended to be Japan-only. The Wi-Fi Gamer, however, will appear on our shores sometime in August. It’s a gaming-centric router

802.11n Draft 2 Coming to a Router Near You This Summer

The organization responsible for certifying the different Wi-Fi standards will start certifying 802.11n Draft 2.0 products this summer. That’s phase two of two of this seemingly endless draft ap

Planex Router Supports BitTorrent, MPAA Already Upset

Routers with BitTorrent support aren’t exactly new, but any device that makes watching “The Shield” easier is alright in my book. This one’s from Planex (the MZ-04G, to be exac

New Attack Targets Routers and Cellphones, 100 Percent Successful

Batten down your hatches, routers, and cellphones because a security researcher is poised to demonstrate a method of breaking into and running malicious software on a range of consumer electronic devi

Rumor: Cingular to Launch Router and WiFi Switching Cell Phone Service

I have found the wifi + cell phone momentum quite interesting and covered two early patents leading the trend. So I’m on a flight and a guy behind me, sitting next to someone worthy of being imp

D-Link 3G Mobile Wireless Router

This has been sitting in my mail box for a couple of days and it sort of slipped my mind, which is unfortunate because it’s really cool. The router is equipped with a PCMCIA slot and comes in EV

Asus Guarantees 802.11n Final Compatibility Through Free Upgrades

The major concern about buying draft 802.11n cards and routers is that they won’t be compatible with the final specification once that’s out in late 2007 or 2008. Asus puts your mind at re