Google launches Nest Wifi mesh router and extender with built-in Google Assistant

Today at its Google hardware event, Google introduced new mesh routers called Nest Wifi. This is a successor to the Google Wifi product it introduced a couple of years ago, but with a number of improv

Amazon looked to the past to build the future

Over the last 20 years, smart home gadgets have evolved from fantasy to commodity. Walk into Best Buy and there are dozens of products that take just a few minutes to set up. It’s wonderful. Even be

Another fine mesh

Amazon’s acquisition of mesh router company Eero is a smart play that adds a number of cards to its hand in the rapidly evolving smart home market. Why shouldn’t every router be an Echo, a

Circle with Disney raises $10 million for its parental control device for families

Circle Media, the company behind Circle with Disney – a device that helps parents enforce their home’s internet rules and restrictions – has raised $10 million in Series A funding,

$129 Google WiFi router that can team up with others tipped for Oct 4

Google will build upon its OnHub strategy with a new simple Wi-Fi router for the home, according to a new report from Android Police. Dubbed simply Google WiFi, It will cost $129, the site reports, a

‘MegaMIMO 2.0’ wireless routers work together to triple bandwidth and double range

Wireless interference is one of those things that we tend to not think about, because, well, we can't see it. But routers are all over the place, sometimes several in a room when you're in an office,

Belkin Explains Why Its Routers Stopped Working

Yesterday morning, Belkin routers stopped allowing users from accessing the Internet. In a statement provided to TechCrunch Belkin identified and outlined steps it will take to prevent it from happeni

Photos Of NSA’s Bug-Injecting Workshop Show The Banality Of Surveillance

The photo above, released to coincide with Glenn Greenwald's new book <a target="_blank" href="

This Monstrous Linksys WRT1900AC Router Is For Folks With A Real Appetite For Networking

There are wireless routers, and then there are wireless routers with a 1.2GHz dual-core Marvel Armada SoC processor and 256MB RAM that supports USB 3.0 drive transfer speeds and has four massive anten

Airfy Is A Wi-Fi Hotspot That You Wouldn’t Be Ashamed To Take Home To Mother

Wi-Fi routers are usually boring. Designed to look as innocuous as possible, designers basically go for the "black box with lights on it" approach and head home. Not <a target="_blank" href="http://ww

Netgear & Ericsson team up, concoct MBRN3300 3G router

<img src="" />Here's an interesting fact, if you <i>really</i> stretch the definition of the word "interesting." Team CrunchGear often

Tiny $80 travel router does wireless N

<img src="">Take it from me: a good, inexpensive, small travel router is hard to find. This $80 pocket-sized wireless N-compatible router

Don't look now, but the Fonera2n router is now available

<img src="" />The Fonera name doesn't really mean much here in the U S of A, but it's a little more popular in Europe. (I know I occasi

Sprint begins to roll out 4G routers

Sprint currently only offers its 4G services in Baltimore, but that’s going to change this month when it rolls out the wicked fast service in Portland, Atlanta and Las Vegas. To harness the power of

Review: D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router

The D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router has a lot of features stuffed into a small, attractive package. It’s the first router I’ve ever made space for on the top of my desk and, expensi

Be careful what you read about the Hadopi Router

<img src="" />So the Hadopi Router is currently swirling about the Internet. Be careful what you read!

D-Link's SharePort now works on Macs

<img src="" />Do you see that USB port right there? You know, the one on the back of my D-Link DIR-825 802.11n router? Well apparently

Oh my, Google may be designing its own router

<img src="" /> Well, isn't this <i>exciting</i>? Because Google's bandwidth needs have exploded it's looking into <a HREF="http://www.s

D-Link announces Xtreme! N! 450! router! and a router with a built-in photo frame

<img src="">You sure can tell it's CES week. D-Link has jumped in and is reporting several new products, including a wirel

Novatel intros ‘MiFi’ mobile broadband router

Novatel might be on to something with its MiFi device. It’s basically a rechargeable, portable wireless router that ingests mobile data signals and spits them back out as standard Wi-Fi. The company
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