• The Roundabout Tapes – RjDj now plans to game reality with sound [TCTV]

    RjDj’s Michael Breidenbruecker, also a Founder, has certainly opened up the avenues for sound apps on mobile platforms. The startup’s apps have become platforms for musicians, but are gradually evolving into augmented reality mobile apps. Most recently the company partnered with screenwriter Christopher Nolan on Inception: The App, which reached 4 million downloads. The… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – GroupSpaces is poised to go global (TCTV)

    UK-startup GroupSpaces, which last year secured a $1.3m Seed round from a star-studded roster of investors including Index Ventures, Dave McClure, Chris Sacca and Simon Levene, has become a ‘Silicon Roundabout’ stalwart. Cofounders David Langer and Andy Young met at Oxford university and quickly realised they could build a better way for University groups to interact, so… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Could GoSquared put the heat on Chartbeat? (TCTV)

    Back in January GoSquared arrived on the scene to attempt an assault onChartbeat’s realtime analytics territory. While Chartbeat has raised an impressive $3 million Series A financing with a glittering array of backers including Betaworks and Ron Conway, GoSquared has had a more modest seed funding round from Passion Capital. Founders James Gill, James Taylor and Geoff Wagstaff range… Read More

  • Shutl aims to disrupt ecommerce delivery – is this Urban Fetch done right? (TCTV)

    Shutl, an on-demand delivery platform that aggregates transportation carriers so they can deliver something in an hour, recently took £650,000 ($1m) investment round from Hummingbird Ventures and others. It’s been piloting its service with Argos, a leading high street retailer in the UK. Shutl was formed by Tom Allason, previously founder of We went to interview him at… Read More

  • Crowd-source your night out in the city with the AreaNow iPhone app (TCTV)

    The rise of location-based apps has been so rapid that there are a slew of products coming onto the app stores most of the time. But few have gone to the trouble of realising that by targeting a passionate user base in one area they may get some head-room over the competition. Hey, it works in the Valley, why not elsewhere? That’s the been strategy of young London-based startup Area… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Musicmetric is strapping an analytics rocket to the music industry

    Late last year Semetric, the startup behind the Musicmetric analytics service, secured a “significant round” of funding led by Pentech Ventures (terms were undisclosed) but that gave the company a good “two-year runway” to expand its data collection infrastructure and applications and grow the team. It’s now powering Musicweek’s weekly Artist Buzz Chart… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Mixcloud powers ahead with its YouTube for radio

    Continuing our series of interviews with companies in the Silicon Roundabout area of London (we’re calling this The Roundabout Tapes), we went to interview Mixcloud. The on-demand radio service wants to be the ‘YouTube of radio’. Online radio is very much a digital media orphan; languishing in a fragmented space while innovations in other aspects of streaming media have… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Frameblast aims to be the Google for TV and video archives

    Continuing our series of interviews with companies in the Silicon Roundabout area of London (we’re calling this The Roundabout Tapes), we interviewed Clearer Partners. Clearer is a specialised tech/media consulting company but is also doing a startup. The soon to launch Frameblast is aimed at SOHO companies who want to handle video in a smarter way along the lines of Media Silo. Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Squadify aims to be the Meetup for sports

    Squadify is a stealth-mode startup planning to try and disrupt the world of casual team sports. We interviewed the company as part of our new video series, The Roundabout Tapes, documenting the startups in the area of East London that has come to be known as Silicon Roundabout. Squadify is a startup aiming to allow people to find sports teams they want to play in, or even form. Close to a kind… Read More

  • The Roundabout Tapes – Documenting the startups of Silicon Roundabout

    Many have talked about the explosion of tech startups in the East of London, which has come to be known colloquially as “Silicon Roundabout“. But who are they? We’ve been writing about the emerging tech cluster there since it’s first stirrings in 2008, so we’ve decided to start documenting them for TechCrunch TV. And with the help of our video crew in the shape… Read More