CEATEC 2010 Exhibition In Japan: Our Round-up

<img src="" /> Earlier this week, CrunchGear was at <a href="">CEATEC 2010</a>, Asia’s big

Father's Day Wishlist: What to buy for Pop on Sunday

I’ve been going through the items I’ve seen and bought this year and thought I’d share a few things that would make me particularly happy this Father’s Day. To that end, I&#821

CES 2008: It's done and we're tired, thanks for tuning in!

CES 2008 is done, and while it was a blast, I’m glad it only happens once a year. My legs feel like Jell-O, my feet look like the pulled pork special I had last night, and I think my liver booke

CES Today: Will the madness never end?

We’re all a bit hungover today so we’re busy milling around snapping photos of booth babes and finding whatever hidden gems we may have missed over the last few days. In the meantime check

The CES 2008 WTF file

Listen: covering CES is hard. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s exhausting, frustrating, and full of stuff we all have seen already. To that end, we present CES WTF, a way for u

All the Surface Coverage You Ever Wanted

Now that Microsoft is leading us into a strange, table-shaped, and surprisingly dirty future, what does the blogospher have to say about it all? While we all know that this thing will probably never &

CrunchGear's Back to School Cheat Sheet

September is here and maybe you or someone in your household–you know, the kid upstairs with the headphones who listens to that demon hippity-hop music?–might be in the market for some bac