• Here Are The Commands You Need To Gain Root Access To Your Google Glass

    Here Are The Commands You Need To Gain Root Access To Your Google Glass

    There has been a lot of talk about rooting your Glass device, or if it’s even possible. Well, it is. During a Hacking Google Glass session today, the team shared the steps to go through to gain root access for your Glass device. Only the Fastboot tool for UNIX works, but there have been issues with using the OS X one. An official native dev kit will be available, too, which was… Read More

  • Google TV Rooted, Homebrew Software On the Way?

    Got Google TV? Well now you can get root. This isn’t a full root access, mind you, but it’s a start. AndroidForums user Apeman shows us how to access the GoogleTV’s recovery menu and there is a tempting entry in the menu allowing for USB uploads. This means, in short, that eventually someone will be able to figure out how to add homebrew apps to Google TV. The folks at the… Read More

  • Professor Owns Student Trying To Own

    There’s a terrific story over at IT Toolbox that tells of a professor and one of his childish teenage students. Nicknamed “Pima” (for being a pain in his ass), the student would goof off and pretend to be uber-l337 by changing the root password, arguing points in class – you know, that sort of thing. Since all the students’ PCs are netbooted from a central computer… Read More

  • Dyson Root 6: Robo-Sucker

    Looks like Dyson has done it again. Their new Root 6 uses the same air chamber design as their vacuums and doesn’t lose suction when filled with filth and muck – I can attest to this, as we’ve had the Dyson Ball for a while after picking it up for a song at Best Buy. The name and shape are kind of creepy, but it looks like it’s all sucking all the time with this… Read More

  • Chicago Board of Trade invests in Attention futures service ROOT

    Entrepreneur Seth Goldstein announced today that his company ROOT has received $1 million in funding from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), a futures exchange founded in 1848. Bernard W. Dan, CEO of the Chicago Board of Trade, will join the board of directors at ROOT. ROOT is a commodities exchange for Internet- generated consumer leads. Today they provide a service that applies quality… Read More