Here Are The Commands You Need To Gain Root Access To Your Google Glass

There has been a lot of talk about rooting your Glass device, or if it’s even possible. Well, it is. During a Hacking Google Glass session today, the team shared the steps to go through to gain

Google TV Rooted, Homebrew Software On the Way?

<img src="">Got <a HREF="">Google TV</a>? Well now you can get root. This isn't a full root access, mind y

Professor Owns Student Trying To Own

There’s a terrific story over at IT Toolbox that tells of a professor and one of his childish teenage students. Nicknamed “Pima” (for being a pain in his ass), the student would goof

Dyson Root 6: Robo-Sucker

Looks like Dyson has done it again. Their new Root 6 uses the same air chamber design as their vacuums and doesn’t lose suction when filled with filth and muck – I can attest to this, as w

Chicago Board of Trade invests in Attention futures service ROOT

Entrepreneur Seth Goldstein announced today that his company ROOT has received $1 million in funding from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), a futures exchange founded in 1848. Bernard W. Dan, CEO of