Roomi raises $11 million to find you a roommate

Looking for a roommate on Craigslist can be cumbersome. And it can be difficult to determine what the person will be like in real life. A startup called Roomi thinks it has a better solution for findi

Ideal Flatmate wants to be a matchmaking platform for UK flatshares

Londoners in the unfun position of needing to find a new flatmate -- and lacking the easy options of friends or family to move in with -- can get a little algorithmic help from a UK startup with the n

Roomi raises $4 million to help you find a roommate

At first glance, Roomi looks like just another rental listing app. But there‚Äôs a twist — all of these homes already have tenants. An alternative to Craigslist, Roomi thinks it can find you a b

Tired Of Chasing Your Roommates For Money? SpaceSplitter Delivers Household Supplies And Splits Costs

Tonight at the New York Tech Meetup, <a target="_blank" href="">SpaceSplitter</a> presented the latest feature of its web application which makes it easier to get money o