• CrunchDeals: Roomba 500 robotic vacuum for $199

    A vacuuming robot: you know you want one. I have a Roomba. It sits in its box under my desk ever since we hired a cleaning person to come twice a month. Seriously, though, you should get a robotic vacuum. Amazon has knocked $80 off one of the higher-end Roomba units, the 500 series, bringing it to a cool $199 with free shipping (today only). Read More

  • New Roomba coming soon UPDATE

    So our original hunch was correct: a new Roomba is currently in beta stage and it will be an evolution of the 550 series. It will be all black with a textured surface and this model, strangely enough, is missing the top handle. It will have a smaller base and lighthouses – the invisible walls you put in the house – that use C batteries and have an on/off switch. There is a better… Read More

  • Square/new Roomba coming sooner than later?

    Could a new Roomba be hitting the streets? Tipster Kason Jinkaid writes: Not sure if this excites you, but I heard from a Costco salesperson
    that they’re getting new Roombas “soon”, though that could mean
    months. They aren’t stocking the ones they’ve been carrying (model
    550). Also Woot just sold off a bunch for 535s for ~$100 less than
    what they usually sell… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Roomba 535 for $150

    If you’re a stickler for clean floors (note: I am not) but you can’t afford a live-in maid to clean them every day (note: I can not) and you’re not afraid of robots (note: I am, deathly) then perhaps you need a Roomba. Read More

  • Square Roomba could change your life

    Friends, every morning I wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and choke up. Look at me: a 34-year-old man, overweight, exhausted, with acid reflux and sleep apnea. I feel like the underside of a bench at the Greyhound depot. But then see stuff like this. That’s right: that, people, is a Roomba with freaking corners. Read More

  • Pacmba

    Roomba? Check. LEDs? Check. Poor grasp of English language? Check. “My Roomba have changed to shining PACMAN!” Double check. Read More

  • Long exposure shows Roomba's path around your living room

    This is very interesting as well as being just a cool picture. By working out how long it took for a Roomba to go through a room, turning the lights out and figuring out the exposure settings, this photographer managed to catch the path of the sucker throughout the whole process. Read More

  • Tomy Dustbot: The original floor cleaning robot

    Aren’t you a little tired of seeing nothing but Roombas for sale at Sure, the little robots do a great job cleaning up after us filthy humans, but come on! Robots need faces! Why is it that in 2009 our robots have no faces, when twenty years ago you could get a floor-cleaning robot with a face? Read More

  • Guy likes his Roomba, writes a song about it

    Mr. Pitiful really likes his Roomba. So much so that he wrote a song about it… and made a music video for it. It’s actually from about a year ago but sometimes songs about robotic vacuum cleaners take time to develop a following. I haven’t written a song about my Roomba yet, but that’s mostly because it constantly gets tangled up in the ends of my area rug and I’m… Read More

  • Japan gets exclusive, super-cute Hello Kitty-Roomba

    iRobot‘s Roombas have been enjoying brisk sales in Japan for a few years now. To further boost brand awareness, their sales agent in this country collaborated with Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty and other extra-cute comic characters, to produce a Hello Kitty-Roomba. The Nippon-only device is based on the Roomba 530 model, with the only difference being the cute design. Available… Read More

  • iRobot has two new Roombas for your cleaning needs: One for pets, one for offices

    Sorta like this, but not really because iRobot still doesn’t have the proper photos up yet IRobot has a couple of new Roombas for you pet owners. Two, to be exact. There’s the Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot and the Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot, both of which sound like a real hoot. The Pet Series has a few things that make cleaning up after your pets a little… Read More

  • Video: Roomba hacked to work with Wii balance board

    This guy is still a virgin. Have any of you hacked your Roomba? via Kotaku Read More

  • iRobot lawnmower patent discovered

    Robot Stock News has discovered a patent by iRobot for a “Lawn Care Robot” similar to the company’s line of robotic vacuum cleaners. While robotic lawnmowers aren’t new, they’ve had a hell of a time replacing conventional lawnmowers. You know, the kind that actually cut your entire yard in a reasonable amount of time even though you have to do all that… Read More

  • Video: Rad Roomba hacked into a Pacman

    Not only do we bring you a video of a Roomba that’s been converted into a Bluetooth-controlled real-life Pacman, but we bring you a video of how it was done and it munching dirt in action. This is, of course, a hack, not something you can pick up yourself. And it’s in Japanese. But it’s still cool. We’re still trying to find the Donkey Kong-mod for throwing barrels… Read More

  • Aqua-Roombas to clean up oil spills using teamwork

    This is a cool idea, although I’m skeptical of it being cost effective. And considering you’ll have to clean off every one of those expensive robots after each spill, it’s a messy proposition as well. Still, it’s a great idea and could provide a nice boost to spill containment efforts. It’s still a concept at this point, but feel free to DIY one in your garage… Read More

  • Stupid Roomba Tricks

    Like Roombas? Want to see them singing and dancing? Hate your job and want to spend a few minutes watching videos? Yeah, thought you did. Feature: Top 5 Roomba Hacks [TechEBlog] Read More

  • iRobot Intros iWoman Personal Housekeeper

    iRobot, makers of all things Roomba, has pulled the curtain back on its newest house-cleaning tool: the iWoman Depending on which model you get, the iWoman ranges in size from about 4’11” to 5’11”, and cleans all messes around the house. The best part: You don’t need to plug it in, meaning you save on your electric bill. Instead, it runs on food, water, and oxygen. Read More

  • RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone

    Oh yes. Now you can override the self-navigating Roomba controls with your own. Use your ham-covered fingers to guide your robotic maid through your house, using nothing but a cellphone that’s Bluetooth and Java enabled. Oh, and you also need a RooTooth device to connect to the Roomba to enable Bluetooth connecting on the Roomba. Check out the movie to see a demo of it in… Read More

  • Lawnmower Roomba?

    The people who brought you the vacuum cleaner and the wet-floor cleaner are about to go into the lawnmowing business, according to Forbes. In a profile of Roomba, they say: Next comes a robot lawn mower and bigger military bots that can go faster and farther. Now instead of making your kids mow the lawn, you’ll make them set up the Lawnba to do all the work for them. The only concerns… Read More