Ron Wyden

  • Verizon Wireless joins the act to ax taxes

    Following last week’s announcement by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, that he wants to end unfair taxes on wireless products and services, Verizon Wireless issued a statement “applauding” the senators work. And sounding like a-know-it-all. Steve Zipperstein, vice president and general counsel at Verizon Wireless, said in a statement: “Verizon Wireless has always said… Read More

  • Senators fight to end unfair wireless taxes

    Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has taken up the crusade of cutting the taxes we pay on wireless phones and services, according to a press release issued by the Senator, the average U.S. tax rate for most goods is about 7% but after combining state, local and federal taxes on cell phones and service the average rate more than doubles. That’s more than taxes on tobacco and alcohol, Senator… Read More