Ron Jeremy

  • Ron Jeremy lashes out at streaming porn sites

    Yes, I have my very own photo of Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy, Thespian, doesn’t like that sites such as YouPorn are sucking the adult entertainment industry dry. It seems Mr. Jeremy, known for his roles in such works of art as Afro Erotica 12 and Aunt Peg Goes to Hollywood, thinks such Web sites are destroying the industry and ought to be shut down. Read More

  • Ron Jeremy: Porn Star, Potential Philatelist, Tech Reviewer The King of Porn and Surreal Life star, Ron Jeremy, is joining the ranks of bloggerdom. The “hairy, chunky, aging porn star” will have his own show on called Techsmart with Ron Jeremy. Who knows what sort of tech stuff he’ll be reviewing, but it’s gonna be hot and funny. I’m sure he’ll have some of his lady… Read More