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It’s on like (a) Donkey Kong (watch)

If you’re familiar with the watch company Romain Jerome you’d know that they do the best kind of pandering. The brand, which was once known for its odd watches made of moon rocks and metal

Romain Jerome Creates A Watch For True Mario Fans

Do you like Nintendo? Do you have $19,000? I think we found you a watch. The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. the watchmaker’s take on good old Mario and his mushroom-induced adventures and is ai

Romain Jerome Announces The Subcraft, The Mechanical Watch That Looks Digital

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something mechanical in your life. To wit: the Romain Jerome Subcraft is the company’s latest “novelty” – a watch not made for mass p

Romain Jerome Releases Spacecraft Black “Undercover” Watch

It's <a target="_blank" href="">Basel time</a> again that means we're going to be seeing some amazing watches coming out of Switzerland that cost more t

Hands On With Romain Jerome’s Octopus Steampunk Dive Watch

Here is a high-end dive watch to consider if you like that Captain Nemo look. It is called the Octopus, and is from avant garde Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome (RJ). Those familiar with the <a href="h

The Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Watch Reviewed

<img src="" alt="" />It takes a lot for a timepiece to be truly controversial. I am not just talking ab

Space Invaders Video Game Gets A Luxury Wrist Watch Treatment

<img src="" alt="" />The best part of these timepieces is easily the box. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but Romain

2011 Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA Mood Watches

<img src="" alt="" />One of Romain Jerome's new products for 2011 was a chronograph version

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Octopus Dive Watch Hands-On

<img src="">It really makes a lot of sense for there to be a real diver's watch in the Titanic DNA collection from Romain Jerome.

Romain Jerome Moon Invader Watches – With Real Moon

<img src="">Back at Baselworld 2010 I stopped by the Romain Jerome booth to see "what was cooking." Turns out it was moon dus

The Romain Jerome Steampunk: You Know, For Steam Punks

Although the press release is gloriously ridiculous, the watch is pretty cool. RJ, maker of the Titanic watch, styled this piece on the Steampunk Meme of 2010. The watch is “steampunk” bec

Romain Jerome takes space pills

I honestly don’t know what Romain Jerome is smoking but this Roswell-inspired watch – actually just a funky render – is a hot mess. When he started playing with the Titanic theme I t

Romain Jerome TITANIC-DNA watches: Not for wrist use

Romain Jerome has some cheek. They’ve released some renderings of a line of watches, called TITANIC-DNA, that are actually made from pieces of the Titanic. Here’s the rub: you can’t