• Rollyo Adds A Ton of Features

    Rollyo, a San Francisco based startup that launched in September 2005, released a bevy of new features on their site tonight. I won’t go into detail on all of them, but a complete list is available on their About page. If you aren’t familiar with Rollyo, it allows users to “roll their own search engines” by telling Rollyo the sites they’d like to include in the… Read More

  • The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 1

    The Web 2.0 conference kicked off today with a number of great workshops. The highlights for us were the Attention Trust board meeting (posts below) and, of course, the Launchpad workshop where a dozen companies presented in an hour and a half. My notes on each company are below. Many of these have been profiled here before, and we hope to get full profiles of the rest up as soon as we can… Read More

  • Rollyo Search Launches Today

    Company: Rollyo
    Launched: September 28, 2005
    Location: San Francisco Overview
    Rollyo, which launched today, allows you to create and publish your own search engines, based on websites you decide to include. John Battelle and Steve Rubel wrote about Rollyo earlier today as well. The basic idea? Create customized searches (built on Yahoo search) that include only those sites you want to include. Read More

  • Rollyo – Roll your own search engine

    Company: Rollyo
    Launched: in private beta
    Location: San Francisco Note: Due to a misunderstanding, I posted a profile of Rollyo while the company was in private beta and did not want any publicity (the misunderstanding was that I didn’t know this when I posted). They have requested that I remove the post for now, and I am complying. Nothing heavy, I just received a very polite email… Read More