• Playboy Launches Social Network: "High schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can't join"

    Update: Playboy U is built on the Ning platform The recent launch of Silicon Valley funded adult/porn site Zivity raised a few eyebrows. Now one of the old sovereigns of sexy is getting into the game, too. CrunchGear reports that Playboy is launching their own sexy social networking site just for college students, Playboy U. Playboy U requires all users to have a .edu email addresses… Read More

  • Rolling Stone Says They'll Launch Social Network

    The best place to tell secrets may not be while speaking to a room full of journalism students at New York University. But that’s how Keith Blanchard, Wenner Media’s executive director for online media for Rolling Stone and other magazines, released the news that they plan to launch a MySpace-style social network around the Rolling Stone brand. Andrea Feczko, one of the students in… Read More