Grand Seiko is an homage to watchmaking’s past

The 1960s were a beautiful time for watches. Horology was in its prime and the great names we know and love today – Rolex, Omega, Cartier – were just one of many watchmakers churning out c

Chronext raises $34 million to bring nice watches to your bare wrist

There are a number of services that let you sell your used watches or simply purchase new watches but few have the funding war chest of Chronext. This online services lets you buy and sell fancy watch

The BOLDR Expedition Watch lets you get away

BOLDR is a small watch company with a distinct style. Selling primarily on Kickstarter, the company has gone through a number of design iterations to land on the Expedition, a watch designed to take y

It’s not hard to beat Rolex, Apple

A collective Internet gasp went up yesterday when, once again, the Apple Watch beat most major watch companies in terms of revenue. It’s not surprising not that the Apple Watch outsold Rolex and

Breitling’s Avenger Hurricane 45 watch uses dense composites to stay light

According to horological legend the first luxury watch made of steel – the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak caused great consternation when it launched in 1972. Up until then there were timekeepers &#8

Bob’s Watches Streamlines The Rolex Market With An Electronic Exchange

As a watch nerd, I love to see the stuffy old watchmaking industry try new things. That's why I was intrigued by the recent changes at <a target="_blank" href="">Bobs Watches

Sheer Magnetism, Darling: You Can Own James Bond’s Buzzsaw Rolex

<i>Live And Let Die</i> was one of the most gadget-filled Bond movies, featuring a Rolex watch with built-in high intensity magnetic bullet shield and buzzsaw as well as robotic voodoo figures and a t

Rolex Explorer 2 Watch For 2011

<img src="" /></p><p> For 2011<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"> Rolex </a>offers a new Exp

Rolex Owner Gets A Christmas Surprise: Posted His Watch On eBay For $9.95, Final Bid Was $60,000

<img src="">A retired Navy doctor wanted to sell a few of this old knick-knacks and posted his Rolex on eBay f

Rolex Deep Sea Special: Water resistant to 35,840 feet

<img src="" />Sure, you think you're pretty special with your Timex that's water resistant to 100 meters. Maybe you eve

Get you a CIA Rolex

<img src="" />Did you know: CIA agents wear Rolex watches so they can "trade" their way out of sticky situations! That's why an un

Rolex will never do a phone, LG or otherwise

I may not be a smart man, but I do know watch companies and there is no way Rolex and LG are teaming up to make a phone. It appears that TechDigest got to see a “Rolex” mock-up at an LG de