• Rogue for iPhone: nerdgasm

    If you’re a true game geek of this era, then you’ve played Rogue, one of the oldest, hardest, and deepest games available on any platform. If you’ve heard of it, that’s good, but you have to at least have given it a try to qualify as OG in my world. And now you have no excuse not to try it because Rogue has been ported to the iPhone (iTunes link). If you think… Read More

  • Altoid Mod: Built-In Rogue-like Video Game

    Every once and a while we’ll see some sort of Altoid container mod: one that has a built-in MP3 player, one that controls the weather, one that alerts you to approaching nerds, etc. This mod, created by one Greg Sanders, houses the video game Dungeons of Doom, an off-shoot of the classic Rogue. (Not that I’ve played it, but that I recognize its classicness, to invent a word.) A… Read More