Roger Dickey

  • Learn how to pitch your startup with

    Learn how to pitch your startup with

    How much traction? What’s the market size? Who else invested? Are you the target user? These are the questions every investor will ask you, so you better build a business with the right answers and get ready to recite them. That’s what helps you practice. Pitchbot simulates a pitch meeting with an angel, incubator, seed fund or VC firm. You respond to… Read More

  • Keen On with Brian Wong and Roger Dickey

    Keen On … Failure Is The Ultimate Rebirth (TCTV)

    In Silicon Valley, failure has been democratized. You don’t need a lot of money to fail. Nor do you need any previous experience. Take, for example, Brian Wong and Roger Dickey – two young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who, in spite of their youth, are already steeped in failure. Wong, who was the youngest person ever to receive venture capital funding and is now the CEO of… Read More