What's the deal with Red Dead Redemption?

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption came in the mail on Tuesday, and my first course of action was to call the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius XM. “Hey, guys, I see your names in the credits. You ro

Video: This is the Red Dead Redemption launch trailer Once upon a time I heard an EA so-and-so, in a total

Irony: Did Rockstar upload a pirated version of Max Payne 2 to Steam?

<img src="" />Well this is interesting. A person far cleverer than any of us here decided, on a whim, to look at the main executable of the

Video: The many multi-player modes of Red Dead Redemption We’re only a month out from the release of Roc

Red Dead Redemption gets Fox TV machinima special

<img src="" />Quite the push behind <a HREF=""><i>Red Dead Redemption</i></a>, no? The la

Video: More Red Dead Redemption gameplay for y'all Presenting, more Red Dead Redemption gameplay footag

PAX East 2010: Clearly Rockstar is a popular company

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Rockstar</a> wins the early “which publisher has the biggest line?”

Video: This is what Red Dead Redemption looks like Oh thank God for Rockstar. We’re short-staffed

Look, it's Red Dead Redemption! Things are a little bit crazy here today. The bigg

Wherein we discuss Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

<img src="" />Let me preface this by saying that I could be the worst <i>GTA</i> player on Planet Earth. I don't know if my thumbs just can

Here's some info about Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer

<img src="" />Not that any of you noticed, but I've been AFK for the past few days, so I've totally missed out on all the <a HREF="http://se

Make music: The PSP version of Beaterator is available today. iPhone users have to wait a little while yet.

<img src="" />Rockstar's <i>Beaterator</i> comes out today (and so does <i>Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days</i>... you couldn't find two mor

Genetically superior: Man tries to beat GTA IV record of most hours consecutively played

<img src="" />What's the longest you've ever played <i>GTA IV</i>? A couple of hours, maybe? That's a shame, since the official Guinnes

Video: This is the Beaterator trailer

<img src="" />Look what just showed up in our inbox: the trailer for <i>Beaterator</i>, Rockstar and Timbaland's PSP and iPhone effo

Video: The first trailer of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony totally has Eric Prydz's ‘Pjanoo’ in the background

<img src="" />What was one of the biggest house songs of the year 2008? That's right: Eric Prydz's “Pjanoo.” (The Madonna remix is p

Dear Lord: GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to the iPhone this fall Coming to an iPhone/iPod Touch near you this fall from the creators of the greatest game in history, Grand Theft Au

Max Payne, Max Payne 2 now on Xbox Live

<img src="" />Heads up, 360 gamers. You can now find Rockstar's <i>Max Payne</i> and <i>Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne</i> on Xb

Wherein we discuss Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

<img src="" />Odds are you've already played <i>Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars</i>. Perhaps you haven't opened the box, popped

Free Xbox LIVE for GTA IV and expansion

<img src="" />Soon you will be able to play <em>GTA IV</em> or its <em>The Lost and the Damned</em> expansion on Xbox LIVE for fre

The reviews are in for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, but should you play it again?

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, which will be downloadable via Steam, comes out on Wednesday. The reviews embargo, however, must have lifted overnight in Europe as magazines there already have
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