Natural Radio: Control volume, frequency with rocks

[photopress:natrad1.jpg,full,center] Users control the station frequency and volume of the Natural Radio by placing stones on either side on the center diving line. Inside the radio is a scale that ca

Hot Rock: Finally a rock I can put my meat on

The holidays are over but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking of your loved ones this month. Want to get Dad something really special? Get him a hot rock to cook his food on. It uses no oil an

I wanna rock (rock) your iPod

Usually, Target is pretty lax with returning shit. You come back three days later with a slightly used toaster oven, no receipt and they’ll give you a full refund. Not the case however, for one

Pebble MP3 Player: The Have-Nots Finally Design an MP3 Player for the Masses

“What if a line of MP3 players, say, could be designed to resemble an array of pebbles scattered along an ocean’s shore?” I don’t know, Davey, but clearly someone wants to find out