• We Asked Rock Health Founder Halle Tecco About The Future Of Digital Medicine

    Health technology is becoming a big topic in 2015. We’re seeing wearable technology that can automatically upload our health data to the cloud, cellphones are becoming tools to connect us to the doctor’s office, a Google moonshot project detects cancer on an app and 23andMe has received FDA approval for at least one genetic test of a rare disease. This is now a multi-billion… Read More

  • Report Highlights Huge Gender Disparity in Healthcare Leadership

    Report Highlights Huge Gender Disparity in Healthcare Leadership

    Editor’s note: This guest post was written by Dave Chase, the CEO of, a patient portal & relationship management company that was a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist. Previously he was a management consultant for Accenture’s healthcare practice and founder of Microsoft’s Health business. You can follow him on Twitter@chasedave. I can’t think of a product… Read More

  • RockHealth Opens Incubator to Get the Web 2.0 Generation into Healthcare

    We’ve written about the younger generation of consumer Web entrepreneurs taking on enterprise software, aiming to make truly usable business software that– to put it bluntly– doesn’t suck. Now, at least one group is aiming to apply all the lessons of the consumer Web and  mobile apps to revolutionize another neglected, stodgy industry: Healthcare. RockHealth, a new… Read More