• Crunch Report | SpaceX Launching Secret Spaceplane

    Facebook shares data with disaster relief groups, Coursera is valued at $800 million, SpaceX is launching a secret spaceplane and iOS 11 restricts location data. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Crunch Report | Jeff Bezos Sells $1B in Amazon Stock Annually to Fund Blue Origin

    The Kriesel high-performance electric converted Porsche, Jeff Bezos sells $1 billion in stock annually to fund Blue Origin, Hyperloop One completes Vegas test track and 23andMe can now let you know if you have the genes for Parkinson’s. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Vector Space Systems aims to launch satellites by the hundreds

    Vector Space Systems aims to launch satellites by the hundreds

    Why wait for the bus when you can hail a cab? That’s the idea behind a new commercial spaceflight startup founded by SpaceX founding team members Jim Cantrell and John Garvey. Vector Space Systems wants to shake up to the commercial space market by providing not tens, but hundreds of launches per year. Read More

  • SpaceX Files Suit Against U.S. Air Force, Cites Use Of Russian Rockets As Problematic

    SpaceX Files Suit Against U.S. Air Force, Cites Use Of Russian Rockets As Problematic

    During an event today to discuss a successful soft landing of a SpaceX Falcon flight, CEO Elon Musk also revealed that SpaceX has decided to file suit against the U.S. Air Force to get it to open up competition for national security-related rocket launches. Musk said that they were reluctant to file suit, but that the move is the last one available to them after trying to pursue other… Read More

  • Bloodhound Rocket Car May Actually Launch Soon

    We first heard about the Bloodhound rocket-powered “car” back in 2008 — I never really thought it’d see the light of day, but it turns out this thing may actually get built after all. Not that I’m going to get excited about what amounts to a low-altitude jet (cool as it is). As Matt said back in ’08, wake me up when the wheels are moving the car, not… Read More

  • Build Your Own Heli-Rocket For $5

    As a father, I’m often encouraged by flights of whimsey to expose my son the magic of model rocketry. But after spending a good $60 on an Estes kit and some rockets, I’ve found that most of the rockets we fly either never lift off or end up in the trees somewhere. The result? Sad Dad and confused child and we’re out like $20. Thankfully, someone is out to save us some cash. Read More

  • My Summer Project, Circa 1991: A Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher

    My Dad has been in the hospital this week and I’ve been going through some of the things in his/our/my family’s garage. Said garage is a mess and we pulled out about 500 pounds of junk that we hauled to the dump and threw away, marking an ignominious end to a lot of projects I started back around eighth and ninth grade out there. However, there was one project that worked –… Read More

  • This weekend make your own compressed air rocket

    I’ve always loved the compressed air rocket. I bought my son one of the pre-made ones at a science museum and it broke on first flight, which was pretty frustrating. Had I known about this MAKE video, however, I would have built my son one from scratch. You technically don’t need more that 25 cents worth of hardware for this thing, but getting some of these parts might be cost a… Read More

  • When NASA explodes, people listen

    Poor NASA. They never get any play until they blow something up. Last week they did it again. On Friday safety officials said a suborbital rocket had to be destroyed because it deviated from its flight path. There were a couple of experiments on board that will have to wait for another day. NASA said: The Alliant Techsystems rocket was carrying two NASA hypersonic experiments. The… Read More

  • Third SpaceX attempt fails; Scotty just can’t get beamed up

    Last night the Falcon 1 two stage rocket by private company SpaceX failed 2 minutes after launch. The “picture perfect” stage 1 launch was followed by an anomaly that kept the two stages from separating. The rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean. Three satellites were on board, NASA had two: a small automated laboratory, and a solar sail experiment. The third was from Celestis, Inc. Read More

  • Burning question: Can you still launch Estes rockets?

    It’s Friday and my mind is wandering. I’m wondering if you can shoot Estes rockets in cities anymore. You know the kind I mean — the ones with the cool igniters and the parachutes? Have any of you gotten any heat firing them in fields and, more importantly, where could you launch them in Brooklyn? Product Page Read More

  • US destroys failed spy satellite, eyes future invaders from space

    [photopress:_44438948_sm3launch_usnavy_203.jpg,full,left]We did it. We shot a potentially dangerous object from orbit around the Earth with a sea-based missle and destroyed it as it plummeted to kill us. Hear that, Martians? Bring it! Navy missile hits dying spy satellite, says Pentagon [CNN] Read More

  • X-Wing: What really happened

    Those of you who recall the sadly shortened launch of the model X-Wing Fighter last week will be glad to know that we now have the truth. Carry on. Read More

  • Greetings from SpaceX

    It’s a spaceship!
    So I’m about to fly up to San Jose on some super secret business, but before I do I wanted to send you all a little greeting from the Los Angeles hangar of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. We last covered SpaceX back in March when it launched the Falcon 1 from its launch facility in the Marshall Islands. Behind me is the latest rocket being developed… Read More