• Which Is The Most Capital Efficient Online Video Startup Of Them All? (Hint: Rocketboom)

    Success in online video is relative to how much time, effort, and money you put into it. Andrew Baron of Rocketboom offers an (albeit self-serving) chart in a post updating the State of the Union for his startup and online video in general. I like this chart because it tries to compare the total capital poured into four different online video ventures and the total cumulative videos put out… Read More

  • RocketBoom Founder Fighting For Father's Life; Meanwhile, Drug Company Is Committing PR Suicide

    This is a story that’s bound to explode onto mainstream media today. RocketBoom founder Andrew Baron’s father, Frederick Baron, is dying of multiple myeloma, a particularly nasty form of cancer. Last week doctors gave him days to live – as of this morning he’s still fighting. According to a blog post by Andrew, the family was preparing for the worst. And then a… Read More

  • Rocketboom Inks Seven-Figure Distribution Deal With Sony

    Rocketboom, the daily video blog, is turning over its distribution and ad sales to Sony Pictures Television in return for a seven-figure guarantee plus a share of revenues. Rocketboom will be distributed on Sony’s Crackle video site, as well as across other Sony platforms such as the PS3, PSP, and Bravia I-Link TVs. Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron says he went with Sony because of… Read More

  • Amanda Congdon Rises From The Dead At Sometimesdaily

    Amanda Congdon, arguably the first great female star of online video is back with a new show, Sometimesdaily. Congdon, for those who aren’t familiar with her work, was the original host of Rocketboom who was fired in mysterious circumstances back in December 2006. Congdon appeared briefly in 2007 as a video blogger for ABC with the series “Amanda Accross America” until she… Read More

  • Rocketboom Founder Puts His Twitter Account On Sale How much is a Twitter account with nearly 1,500 followers worth? Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron… Read More

  • Rocketboom Moves to

    The popular daily videoblog Rocketboom is joining online video network, which will now host all of Rocketboom‘s videos and sell ads for the show. Rocketboom joins a growing crowd of other top videoblogs that can be found on, including Wallstrip, TreeHugger TV, Alive in Baghdad, and Goodnight Burbank. As with most of those shows, the relationship between Rocketboom… Read More

  • Rocketboom: Almost 10X Ze Frank's Downloads

    Videoblogger Ze Frank is in what he calls a nerd fight with Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. Frank says that Baron’s numbers are inflated and make it difficult for he and other video bloggers to sell advertisements with much lower numbers to offer. I spoke with both of them on the phone, looked at Rocketboom’s traffic logs and ran my understanding of what I saw past several… Read More

  • Congdon Fired from RocketBoom

    Amanda Congdon has been forced to leave popular RocketBoom video blog over a disagreement with her partner, Andrew Baron. For details, see the video Amanda recorded and placed on her blog. She says “My partner, Andrew Baron, is no longer interested in being my partner.” No word yet on who will replace Congdon on the show. RocketBoom has catapulted itself to success, with… Read More

  • Profile: RocketBoom

    Company: RocketBoom Launched: Located: New York, NY What is it? RocketBoom is a very popular Monday through Friday videoblog, or vblog. The segments are short – around 3 -5 minutes (or less) and released weekdays at 9 am EST. RocketBoom is extremely low-budget – “Instead of costing millions of dollars to produce, Rocketboom is created with a consumer-level video camera… Read More