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Varda Space, Rocket Lab nail first-of-its-kind spacecraft landing in Utah

A spacecraft containing pharmaceutical drugs that were grown on orbit has finally returned to Earth today after more than eight months in space. Varda Space Industries’ in-space manufacturing capsul

After rockets and spacecraft, Rocket Lab’s next frontier could be applications

Rocket Lab is exploring possible applications for a satellite constellation that they would build, launch and operate in-house, similar to SpaceX’s Starlink business, as a way of generating recurrin

Varda Space Industries finally gets approval to bring its drug manufacturing spacecraft back to Earth

Varda Space Industries has received long-awaited approval from regulators to return its first spacecraft to Earth — and with it, a batch of pharmaceutical crystals manufactured on orbit. Varda’s W

Rocket Lab leverages vertical integration to land $515M military satellite contract

The Space Development Agency is the mystery customer behind Rocket Lab’s up-to $515 million, 18-satellite order announced in late December, the two firms announced today. In a regulatory filing from

What we’re looking forward to seeing from the space industry in 2024

It was a jaw-dropping year for the space industry, and while we all know by now that progress isn’t linear, we feel pretty confident that 2024 will be even more astonishing. This year was tough for

Relativity Space CEO: Building a backlog isn’t ‘worthless,’ it’s the path to product-market fit

Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis is hitting back against recent comments from fellow aerospace exec Peter Beck, who called launch contracts for un-flown rockets “basically worthless” earlier this mo

Launch contracts are “basically worthless” until a rocket is proven and flying, Rocket Lab CEO says

Rocket Lab is waiting until Neutron is more technically mature before signing launch contracts with customers, CEO Peter Beck told investors on Wednesday. The statements provided an inside look on how

Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle ‘fully’ booked next year, will resume flight as early as November-end

Rocket Lab is best known for the Electron launch vehicle, but the company’s earnings results continue to show that it is much more than a rocket company. The company reported $68 million in revenue

Electron will likely return to the skies before the year is out, Rocket Lab says

Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket will likely return to flight before the year is out, though work remains before missions can resume, according to a new statement released Wednesday. Rocket Lab said it

Rocket Lab’s Electron suffers first failure in over two years

Rocket Lab’s forty-first Electron mission on behalf of customer Capella Space ended in failure early Tuesday, with issues abruptly appearing after stage separation around two-and-a-half minutes afte

Varda Space puts off orbital factory reentry pending Air Force and FAA green light

The U.S. Air Force denied a recent request from Varda Space Industries to land its capsule at a Utah training area, pushing back the startup’s plans to show off the fruits of its in-space manufa

Rocket Lab turns old Virgin Orbit facilities into an engine development complex

Rocket Lab has transformed Virgin Orbit’s massive headquarters and manufacturing facility into a new engine development center, at just a fraction of the price that it would’ve cost to purchase ne

SpaceX’s new Bandwagon program is a big threat to small launch providers

SpaceX is expanding its rideshare program with a new series of missions aimed at meeting the demand for launches to mid-inclination orbits. The new program, which was quietly announced at a space indu

Rocket Lab to launch a pair of climate satellites for NASA

Rocket Lab will launch two small satellites for NASA that could help scientists better understand how a warming climate will affect the massive ice shelves at Earth’s poles. The PREFIRE (Polar Radia

Rocket Lab aiming to advance Electron reusability with tonight’s launch

Rocket Lab has made improvements to the first stage of the Electron rocket to make it more resilient to ocean water, upgrades that will be put to the test with tonight’s launch. The “Baby Come Bac

Rocket Lab doubles down on marine booster recovery with next Electron launch

Rocket Lab’s next Electron mission will include another marine recovery attempt of the rocket’s booster, the latest step by the company to advance its reusability program. The mission, called

Rocket Lab’s private mission to Venus slips to 2025

Rocket Lab’s mission to Venus, which was originally scheduled to launch last month, is “not imminent,” a spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. That means the mission will likely move

Virgin Orbit’s launch business sold for parts to Vast, Stratolaunch, and Rocket Lab

Virgin Orbit, once valued at $3.7 billion, has been chopped up for parts. The company has concluded the auction for some of its assets, which were put up for sale as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Rocket Lab adds a suborbital launch option aimed at hypersonic defense customers

Rocket Lab is adding a new offering to its suite of services: hypersonic suborbital launches. The new service will be available starting sometime in the first half of this year, when the company will

Rocket Lab reveals big supplier deal with mystery mega constellation customer

Rocket Lab has proven that it’s much more than a launch company. One glance at the company’s most recent earnings presentation shows as much: its space systems business, which designs, manufac
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