Sheriff’s department denies surveilling Standing Rock protesters via Facebook check-ins

Like wildfire, the latest viral protest spreading across the internet involves Facebook users checking in at Standing Rock, ND en masse to “confuse” and “overwhelm” law enforce

OCZ outs its 4th-gen PCI-Express SSD, the Z-Drive R2

<img src="">OCZ just rolled out the deets about its latest PCI-Express-powered SSD and man is it impressive. Forgot about that WD Vel

New Rock Band DLC coming from Weezer, Blink-182, KISS, and more

<img src="" alt="weezer" />If you've been enjoying Rock Band but you've often thought, "Hmmm. Needs more non-sucky downloadable content," the

Mega Man 3 Intro Done On Guitar Man 3 Intro Guitar – Watch more free videos Found via Phillyist, here’s a video of some kid chilling in his bedroom playing the Mega Man 3 intro on guit