rock star

  • Samurai Kyomoto – A guitar that only a Japanese rock star can love

    Made out of hard maple and ebony, the only thing we have to say about this 22 fret guitar is WTF. Oh, and that purple handle is a real life Samurai sword for hardcore crowd control. You can’t buy the guitar either; it was only built for Masaki Kyomoto. Sorry. Click through for some lovely pics. ESPguitars via Monmons Gadgets Read More

  • CrunchArcade: GTA street map leaked!

    This reminds me of old times where you’d have a sheisty, inaccurate, hand-drawn map of say Hyrule crammed into the tiny instruction booklet. Some enterprising fellow uploaded some pics and promptly removed them, but not before they made it to the tips inbox at Kotaku. They’ve got it all nice and gallery-ed up so take a look. The town itself looks interesting, and is obviously… Read More

  • More GTA IV screens for you, Mirror's Edge too

    It wouldn’t be really worth posting unless the pictures were totally bad-ass, and they are. Since you won’t be getting your hot little hands on it until April 29, just satisfy yourself for now with some sweet screens. There’s video in the via, too, if you like that kind of thing. There’s also some new Mirror’s Edge shots, which I am personally excited… Read More

  • Extensive GTA IV hands-on at CVG

    Computer and Video Games was lucky enough to get two full hours of straight-up gameplay with Rockstar’s newest opus, and they say its all coming up roses. There’s a ton of gameplay experience in there and they detail the physics, graphics, aiming system, and all the new features you’d expect to hear about. Sounds pretty awesome to me, and I’m happy to hear that the… Read More