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  • EA's list of games for Rock Band snafu not so bad

    Because EA was unable to supply replacement guitars in a timely fashion they were generous enough to offer those poor saps a free game. I think it’s safe to assume that we all thought the game(s) being offered would suck much ass, but we were all wrong. The list of games is rather impressive and sort of makes me regret not picking up Rock Band. I’d get Tiger Woods, FIFA or skate, but… Read More

  • Activision being a punk, won't let you use Guitar Hero guitars with PS3 Rock Band

    Harmonix, who makes the Rock Band guitar controller, created a compatibility patch a couple weeks ago that would allow you to use 3rd party controllers, including Guitar Hero’s guitar, on the PS3 version of their game. Unfortunately, Activision “objected” to the patch and it’s been on ice for two weeks. I’m not sure what they’re getting out of blocking… Read More

  • Fünde Razor raises over $5K for Child's Play charity

    They raffled off these cube things. Some unappreciative jerk won them. Child’s Play, the children’s charity started by the guys over at Penny-Arcade, raised well over $5,000 at last night Fünde Razor events. Held in Denver and New York, Fünde Razor collected $10 per person, thus gaining said persons the right to rock out to Rock Band. I was at the New York event and while I… Read More

  • Contest: Help us, help you get Rock Band [Update]

    The fine folks from Gamerscore are giving us and you, dear reader, the opportunity to win a copy of Rock Band. Who knew they were having so much trouble getting copies for themselves. So here’s the deal. We, CrunchGear, need to win this contest so that we can give one of you the game. Now you can’t directly enter the contest, but you can help us win, which will in turn help you win. Read More

  • EA further rights its wrongs; free game for shafted Rock Band thrashers

    So by now you must have heard of the promises from EA that due to extreme and innate fragility, Rock Band guitars that cease to work will be replaced free of charge. In these days of DRM, locked hardware, and, well, most of the other stuff EA does, this came as a nice little surprise. So it was doubly surprising when some poor, patient souls with yet-unreplaced busted axes received an… Read More

  • Guitar Hero III/Rock Band feud will decide the fate of mankind, maybe

    He’s a neurosurgeon by day, a rock god by night Massive article in the Times today about the Guitar Hero III/Rock Band war, one that will forever shape they way you flail about like a crazy person. It discuses what GH has in its favor—it’s a recognizable name, more copies will be on the shelves, it’s cheaper—and what RB has, namely the full support of MTV. Read More

  • Complete 'Rock Band' song list revealed

    The final list of 45 songs for the November 20th release of Rock Band has been unveiled. There are 13 additional songs that can be unlocked as you progress throughout the game but only one has been outed so far — "Pleasure (Pleasure)" by Bang Camaro. You’ll also be able to download new songs every week. Rock Band: The Complete Licensed Track List [IGN] Read More

  • Rumor: Guitar Hero hardware won't work with Rock Band

    I don’t play Guitar Hero because I suck at it so I’m not sure why this is even such a big deal, but apparently it is so I’m letting you all know. There was some speculation earlier that axes from GH 1 and 2 would be compatible on Rock Band, but I heard that Harmonix isn’t down with that. In fact, they pretty much told he/she/it that it’s not going to happen. Why… Read More

  • Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

    What’s up with Rock Band? We know, thanks to Peter “Surfing magazine is synonymous with surfing” Ha, that the game will “rock and roll” into our hearts on November 23 for $170. That price includes the game itself, guitar, drums and microphone. Don’t expect the game to be available sans-bundle, however, since the one bundle-only configuration helps keep… Read More

  • Rock Band set to rock and roll this year

    Get ready to rock! Pricing and launch dates have been announced for Guitar Hero’s closest rival, Rock Band. The MTV and EA mashup will be available on the PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360 platforms with varying kits that include guitars, drums and mics. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will begin shipping November 23 for $169.99 and will include the aforementioned accessories. The PS2 version, which… Read More

  • Rock Band Wins Top E3 Award: Huzzah For Innovation

    ¡Viva la Rock Band! The expensive rock & roll band simulator won the Game Critics Award for best game at E3, beating out the likes of Derivative Shooter 42 and Mario & Luigi: The Golden Years. It’s a victory for something called i-n-n-o-v-a-t-i-o-n, something that, save for the Wii, hasn’t been seen in video games for quite some time. I wonder how Activision feels… Read More

  • Rock Band Bundle Costs $200: Amazon

    Anyone who doesn’t like Def Leppard can bite me, no disrespect I like Guitar Hero as much as the next guy (though I heard that Rock the 80s is a bit of a let down), but don’t think for a second that I’ll blindly buy Guitar Hero 3 just based on the name alone. Nope, I’ve got my eye on Rock Band, though if the price that Amazon has listed—$200 for the game… Read More

  • Frets on Fire: Like Guitar Hero Except It's Free

    Guitar Hero and its ilk have transformed our nation’s garage band-playing youth into PS2-playing zombies. In researching this phenomenon I came across a freeware, open source game for PC, Mac OS X and Linux called Frets on Fire. It’s a complete, 100 percent rip-off of Guitar Hero only you can import your own songs into the game. (A good tutorial for that is here.) You control… Read More

  • First Rock Band Footage Appears

    Last time I talked to you about Rock Band, I believe some badass Fender Strat controller was in the works. Now I’ve got some actual gameplay/video footage of four kids playing Rock Band in all its glory. A group of four hooligans probably took some DMT or mescaline and “rocked out” on fake instruments for this video, which showcases how all four players must work together… Read More

  • Rock Band Fender Strat Unveiled

    As a guitarist, Guitar Hero is both very fun and very annoying. It’s hard unlearning guitar to play a video game, despite how fun the GH series is. The next installment, Rock Band will feature a stunning, licensed Fender Stratocaster guitar controller. All I’ve got to say is that they really nailed it down this time around. The Gibson SG controller was mediocre, but this is a work… Read More

  • The Quest For The $400 Game

    With the success of Guitar Hero 2, it was only a matter of time before some publishers and developers went “Hey…what if we did the same concept with a whole band?!” Rock Band is that next step, which is set to drop in November of this year. The game will include a whole band setup using unique controllers for guitar, bass, and drums, as well as microphones for belting out… Read More

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