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Rock Band VR arrives on Oculus Rift March 23, pre-orders now open

Harmonix has finally revealed when you can get your hands on Rock Band VR (virtually and physically, as it were): The game is set to debut on Oculus Rift on March 23, and fans can pre-order today if t

I rocked out in Rock Band VR at CES and I liked it

VR is a tricky medium to do well, but Harmonix’s upcoming Rock Band VR might just be the perfect fit. The game has always been about making players feel like they’re real rock stars, livin

YouRockGuitar MIDI guitar now shipping

<img src="">This odd guitar - it's basically a MIDI device that is compatible with Rock Band and Guitar Hero by adding opt

Rock Band 3 will teach you how to play a 25-key keyboard

<img src="" />Rock Band 3 is going to teach you something actually useful: playing-for-real. Clicky Read More to learn how.

Green Day: Rock Band launching June 8

<img src="" alt="" />Harmonix has officially announced that <em>Green Day: Rock Band</em> will hit retail on June 8th of this year. Int

Ringo Starr is not good at Rock Band. And?

<img src="" />Famous rock star Ringo Star was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, and he admitted that he's "crap" at <i>Rock Band

Music video games, they are dying

<img src="">The NPD Group is reporting that the sale of music games like DJ Hero, Band Hero, Oboe Hero, and Violin

Rock music is dead, and all the Rock Band in the world won't save it

In the interest of bringing Ron and Fez‘s fantastic radio show topics to a more tech-minded audience, I propose the following: games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, while fun and, generally spea

Altec Lansing announces Rock Band speakers

<img src="" align="left">Why be a video game rockstar if you can't hear it? Have you always wanted to put your foot on some

Rock Band Hits The App Store

<img src="" width="129" height="200" /> The much anticipated and hyped Rock Band for iPhone and iPod Touch is out! We first <a href="

Rock Band for iPhone officially announced

Seems like just yesterday when we started to get a funny feeling about an official Rock Band for iPhone release. Turns out, our very own Inspector Gadget, one Mr. Kumparak, was spot on with his sleuth

Now the countdown begins for a possible U2 Rock Band

<img src="" />At this rate, you and your garage band could be starring in the next <i>Rock Band</i>-like game! (That's actually not a bad

It may be business time for the Flight of the Conchords on Rock Band

I think Bret is lying here but it’s funny to see the FotC boys with mustaches. I also like the cutaway to Jimmy Kimmel or whoever that guy is at around minute 1:30. Such charming lads. My favori

CrunchDeals: Full Rock Band kit plus Rock Band 2 for $79

Well how about that? Here’s a wheel of a deal on the Rock Band Special Edition Bundle, which includes the original Rock Band game, guitar, microphone, and drum kit, plus Rock Band 2 for $79 direct f

Rock Band Drum Cake makes for a delicious peripheral

Yum, who’s hungry for Rock Band Drum Cake?! The icing on the cake (pun intended!) is that this life-size delicacy actually sits atop an actual Rock Band drum kit stand. The 12-year-old who recei

1 to 10, how excited are you about The Beatles: Rock Band?

<img src="" />How did we miss this, a nine-page article in the New York Times about <i>The Beatles: Rock Band</i>? Is it overkill? Perh

Video: The OpenChord V1 guitar lets you play Guitar Hero, Rock Band with a real guitar

<img src="" />This is the OpenChord V1 guitar. It's a guitar, obviously, but one that works with <i>Guitar Hero</i> and <i>Rock Band</i>.

This is Spinal Tap makes its way to Rock Band

Question: Do you guys still play Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero? If so, do you still enjoy it? I don’t think I’ve touched either title in over a year. So, anyway, the original soundtrack from the mo

New Rock Band DLC coming from Weezer, Blink-182, KISS, and more

<img src="" alt="weezer" />If you've been enjoying Rock Band but you've often thought, "Hmmm. Needs more non-sucky downloadable content," the

Confirmed: Green Day coming to Rock Band exclusively

<img src="">That was quick. Just days after Billy Joe Armstrong told a radio station that the punk rock band <a href="http://www.crunchge
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