• Advances in robotic breakdancing overshadowed by Cosby Shuffle

    I don’t want to speak for everyone in the entire world, but breakdancing robots will always be welcome to pop and lock anytime, anywhere as far as I’m concerned. While the little guy in the above video shows off some pretty sweet headspins and does the splits, most of his routine consists of a pretty spot-on impression of Bill Cosby dancing in the opening credits of early episodes… Read More

  • Tiny "Ember" military robot navigates curbs with ease

    This excellent little critterbot is far smaller than the other robots in use by the military, and is being considered as a way to scout possibly-hostile buildings and areas. I was skeptical of its usability until I saw its little flippers come out and get it up that curb. It looks simple but it was probably very difficult to get the weight and center of gravity right on this little thing. Read More

  • Swifferbot drags its microfiber belly across your floor

    Oh god oh god! Household monsters are becoming real! This biomimetic slugbot is meant to pick up dust around the house, but it reminds me more of low-level enemies in NES games than any of its robot helper contemporaries. The Fukitorimushi (“wipe-up bug”) is an autonomous robot like a Roomba, but it moves in a freaky inchworm style. The funny thing is, it would be creepy enough… Read More

  • Deep-water exploration robot looks scarier than is probably necessary

    Most deep-underwater devices are round and inoffensive; why does this one need to be so sinister? In fact, it’s reminiscent of a certain other robot which occupies an antagonistic relationship with mankind. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a hint: “woah.” Read More

  • Video: Hold me closer, tiny robot dancer

    Something about the world’s smallest humanoid robot dancing in front of its own certificate is both heartwarming and hilarious. Even the rude metal riffs just add a layer cuteness. Read More

  • Swiss robo-DJ demonstrates future of AI-human symbiosis

    The headline makes it sound a little more sinister than it is, but that’s really the gist of it. QB1, a robot created by Swiss group OZWE, is essentially a next-generation music playing machine. While things like Pandora and Genius playlists are changing the way people interact with their music within the confines of the traditional OS, OZWE wanted to change the way we interacted with… Read More

  • Robotic ocean exploration to extend to space

    Chris German, Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution here in Massachusetts, has been busy finding undersea volcanoes with the help of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). With more than half the planet’s water exceeding depths of two miles, mapping the sea floor is no easy task. What’s more… Read More

  • iRobot NOT working on autonomous killing machines

    Doug Aamoth here in Boston at the 2009 RoboBusiness Expo with some fodder for the “Robots Will Eventually Rise Up and Kill Us All” debate. No matter which side of the argument you support, if you’re someday killed by an autonomous robot it won’t have been made by iRobot. Read More

  • Creepy killer robot children on the loose

    CB2, Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, is slowly learning how to recognize facial expressions. He’s already taught himself how to walk by observing humans do it. Hopefully no one’s using a machete around this thing, else we’re all in really big trouble. Read More

  • Robot helps Japanese avoid pollen

    Weather News, a Japanese weather company, has created 500 spherical robots that sense pollen content in the air and report back to the mother pollen ship with potential allergen levels in different spots around the world. The robot then transmits data to mobile phones and online apps, ensuring that the sararimen won’t sneeze into their fifteenth beer before stumbling home to a… Read More

  • Mecha-fish to populate the ocean, nibble at silicon reefs

    Don’t you people see what’s happening? They’re taking over! First our pets, then our fashion models (expensive pets essentially), and now… our fish? Well, if you’re planning on replacing the world’s natural organisms with your own silicon creations (as the machines certainly are), then it makes sense to start small. Self-replicating micromachines… Read More

  • Video: The wild longhorn BigDog

    With this latest advance in biomimetic weaponry, BigDog will truly be striking fear into the hearts of America’s enemies. When they see his burnished horns bobbing at them out of a background of terror and carnage, they’ll drop their weapons and cower. I think they’ve got a little to work on with the speed of the charge, but that’s just a technical quibble. Read More

  • Robot warfare has arrived, whether you're ready or not

    Although you and I don’t enjoy the benefits of pleasure droids and personal guard robots at this time, that doesn’t mean they aren’t deploying them in backwater armed conflicts to test their viability. The robot wars are bearing down upon us like a murderous cybernetic freight train, and we’d do best to acknowledge it and prepare for the consequences. Or at least so… Read More

  • Old Glory Insurance offers robot attack coverage

    Anyone catch the Saturday Night Live “Commercials Only” special on Sunday night? Some of them were hit or miss, but the commercial for Old Glory Robot Attack Insurance featuring Sam Waterston was pretty funny. It aired during the 1995 season of SNL but is still relevant today. Read More

  • Japanese Lovebot traps intern in order to "hug her repeatedly"

    Get ready for a lot more stories like this, kids. Man, only in Japan would they build a robot designed to love. The experiment gone wrong took place in Kyoto, at a Toshiba robotic research facility. Why Toshiba is experimenting with hugbots is beyond me, but that’s not the issue here (never thought I’d say that). After the robot (Kenji) became very friendly indeed with a doll… Read More

  • Video: More BigDog

    Remember BigDog? And its diminutive friend, LittleDog? Here’s a little more footage and testimony from the soldiers at Fort Benning in Alabama. There’s not a lot of new info but it’s nice to see it’s actually in real trials and not sitting in a lab somewhere. I think they’re going to need to do something about that buzzing noise, though. Read More

  • Ponginator robot shoots ping pong balls at 170MPH, designed to ‘evoke dialogue’

    Vernon Graner of the Austin Robot Group has built a three-story-tall robot in the hopes of “evoking dialogue” and “finding ways to get people excited about technology again.” Mission accomplished, sir. Your gigantic robot is truly a wonder to behold. Read More

  • Honda's 360-degree look at ASIMO

    Honda’s ASIMO has conducted an orchestra and even served cocktails. Now Honda has added a 360° look at the technology in ASIMO that lets him do all of that. You can see it here. Read More

  • Robotic stepping stones, so you never have to touch the pavement again, m'lord

    What do you get the man who has everything? How about his own private sidewalk? No better way to avoid the gum and dog doo — plus, the robot pavement is scary enough that people will move out of your way, kneel, and say: “Stranger — though you are nothing like mortal men in shape or stature, but are as the deathless gods — hail and all happiness to you, and may the… Read More

  • Proof: Apple staffed with the robots of Wall-E

    I was looking at this image of Jony Ive in the Apple R&D lab from the upcoming film about tech design, Objectified, and I spied something odd. Back in the corner there was some sort of weird device and, now, after doing a little digging, it seems that Apple is far more advanced than we originally assumed. Read More