• Meet baby humanoids M3-synchy and M3-neony

    The JST, Japan’s Science and Technology Agency, announced [JP] the development of M3-neony (pictured above) and M3-synchy today, two advanced baby-like robots. While “neony” (derived from “neonate”) is intentionally designed to look like a newborn, “snychy” just stands for “synchronous communication” (but as you can see, he looks like a… Read More

  • The Lego Robotic Hand: Do not get any ideas

    Some nice Polish boys made this clever robotic hand that is built to human scale and, interestingly, has a thumb and four working fingers. Did we mention it was made using Lego? Read More

  • Spinning solar powered battle robots. Make your own!

    Do you not have enough clutter on your desk? Not quite badass enough for BattleBots? Solarbotics has posted instructions on how to create these rather adorable solar-powered symets, so you can battle the 20 other people who probably make this sort of thing. [Instructables] via [Make: Online] Read More

  • Robonauts are go!

    So NASA has developed these robots to basically do the work of humans. There was a previous version, which the R2 you see above (yes, “R2”) is a refinement of, and now as you can see he’s quite a performer. Is he doing a tango move there? Check out this video. The money shot is at 3:30, where you can really see how gentle and precise the movements are. Read More

  • Scientists create coevolved Predator and Prey bots

    Some scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne have built “evolving” predator and prey robots designed to, in short, learn from each other. Read that again: While we’re worried about Taylor Swift and and Lady Gaga, robots are now teaching each other how to hunt us. The robots use Darwinian Selection to decide how to escape each other or work together to… Read More

  • Dance, floating space robot, dance!

    Make found these wonderful floating space robots designed to fly in formation in zero gravity. How do they do it? These things, called Spheres, use compressed air to spin in place – but not as fast as you see here. Read More

  • How did we miss this laser-scanning super robot vacuum?

    Not sure how we missed this robotic vacuum but this bugger uses lasers to scan your room and grab dust and lint as it goes. It’s quite cute how this little fellow does everything the Roomba does but, seemingly, it does it better. One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: Robo-maid makes breakfast, extremely slowly

    I will say this: it’s always going to be impressive to me when robots make my breakfast. But after seeing those ramen-bots doing it at high speed and fighting with knives, and after watching those robo-arms pitch fastballs to each other, I just feel like breakfast should be made a little more quickly than these ones manage to do it. Read More

  • OmniTread: a terrifying, vibrating, go-anywhere snakebot

    It’s not quite as endearing as the (also terrifying) BigDog, but the OmniTread robot does seem pretty useful. That is, if you don’t need to go fast. The bot is a specialist in navigating rubble and small spaces, and could help locate people trapped under collapsed buildings. There is a risk of them running in terror, but if they’re pinned it shouldn’t be a… Read More

  • Imagine there is inter-species robot love

    It’s easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only a Chinese Thomas the Tank Engine knock-off. Imagine no possessions except for Optimus Prime. And then mate the two robots to get baby Thomas. Yeah. WTF. Read More

  • Autom, the fat-fighting robot, is coming in 2010

    You’ll recall that there was a bit of a buzz a few years ago about a fat-fighting robot named Autom designed to sit on your counter and convince you not to eat that last slice of pizza. Well, the old girl is almost ready for production and should be arriving next Fall. Autom, in her first incarnation, looked a bit weird and was basically a fancy computer case. Now, however, this thing… Read More

  • VIA intros tiny Mobile-ITX platform

    You know that thing about robots eventually taking over the world? Or computers? Or robots with computers in them and at first you’re like, “Hey cool, I’m friends with a robot and we play Scrabble together because he has a computer in him,” but after a while the robot gets all moody and you start to notice stuff missing from your room and all of a sudden the robot is… Read More

  • Finally, Roombas enacting a game of Pac-Man

    Yes. It is finished. We can shut down NASA, DARPA, all the arts and sciences, and stop trying now. The pinnacle of human achievement has been reached. Robot vacuums have been hacked to play the parts in a real-life game of Pac-Man. Video inside. Read More

  • Japanese rules volleyball: one player must be robotic

    There’s not much for me to add here. In addition to walking normally, robots can now play pool, baseball, volleyball, and make ramen. Anybody else feeling a bit like an endangered species? Read More

  • PETMAN robot walks like a human

    If that BigDog robot from Boston Dynamics didn’t amaze and/or horrify you, maybe its human-like big brother “PETMAN” will catch your attention. Read More

  • Pet dinosaurs for everyone! Pleo is back!

    Seriously, who doesn’t want a pet dinosaur? Sure, Jurassic Park makes it seem all dangerous and life-threatening and such. Would you really let that stop you? I think not. But until genetics research and cloning catch up to our imaginations, we’ll have to settle for robotic proxies. And everyone’s favorite little Camarasaurus just got back on the market. Read More

  • 2010 Microbotics Challenge: is your microbot ready for the two-millimeter dash?

    You may be familiar with the old DARPA Grand Challenge. Well, consider this the Petit Challenge. Roboticists whose favorite flavor of robot is micro are being challenged to bring it in the 2010 NIST Mobile Microbotics Challenge, or Microlympics. All contestants must be no greater than 600 micrometers (or rather, their robots must be), and they will compete in three grueling micro-events! Read More

  • Robot arms demonstrate their physical aptitude again, this time with Fanta

    It’s not enough that they make ramen, juggle, and play catch — now robot arms need to play with their food? This robot arm on the right is teasing the one on the left. Want a Fanta? You can’t have one! Your feeble manipulator navigates this six-pack in vain. Read More

  • Utterly insane voice synthesizer uses a piano – did I mention how insane it is?

    I wanted to tell you guys to watch this without seeing the description, but it’s difficult to do so. Better find someone nearby, tell them to close their eyes, and then open them when they think they’ve got it figured out. This piano-based voice synthesizer breaks down the morphemes of normal speech into components which can be built up using piano keys. Sounds crazy in theory… Read More

  • Eporo: Nissan develops robots that can rove in packs

    Nissan announced Thursday [press release in English] that it has developed robots that are able to move in a group without colliding into each other. Much like a school of fish, the so-called Eporo can also avoid obstacles standing in their way safely. Nissan claims this is the first time the world sees robots that are able to show group behavior. Read More