• Video: "Discreet" Robotic Walking Aid

    It’s always good when robot researchers work to find way to improve the lives of people, but this new “close-fitting” robotic walking aid, developed by researchers from three Japanese universities, looks like it still needs some work. If I understand correctly, it’s for people who have trouble walking but don’ want to use crutches, for instance. Read More

  • Videos: Robotic bridezilla makes her debut

    The HRP-4C, one of the creepiest and most realistic humanoids out there, was intended to become a fashion model from the start. And now the robot did make its debut during a fashion show in Japan, giving a whole new meaning to the word “bridezilla”. Read More

  • Robots will soon start conquering buildings, Japan says

    Japan-based tech powerhouses Shimizu and Yasukawa Electric think that robots can make life easier for all of us and initiated the “Smart Robotics Building” project to prove it – even if at this point, a show room must do. Read More