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Stanford’s robotic boot gives wearers a personalized mobility boost

Some of the most exciting robotics breakthroughs are happening in the exoskeleton space. Sure, any robotic system worth its salt has the potential to effect change, but this is one of the categories w

Robotic exosuits show ‘immediate improvements’ to walking speeds of stroke survivors

A new small study out of Harvard and Boston University is targeting the use of soft robotic exosuits among stroke survivors. The aim is to demonstrate how such technologies could impact the rehabilita

These robo-shorts are the precursor to a true soft exoskeleton

When someone says "robotic exoskeleton," the power loaders from Aliens are what come to mind for most people (or at least me), but the real things will be much different: softer, smarter, and used for

Roam debuts a robotic exoskeleton for skiers

Roam, a San Francisco-based robotics startup, has just debuted a lower-body robotic exoskeleton aimed firmly at skiers. The company’s first product doesn’t stray too far from nearby Ekso Bionics,

ReWalk Robotics is building a ‘soft exoskeleton’ to rehabilitate stroke patients

The Boston-based company that was first to provide robotic legs to paralyzed veterans in the U.S., ReWalk Robotics Ltd., has a new product in development that you won’t see this week at CES. The dev

Hyundai’s future mobility plans include wearable robotic assistants

Hyundai has revealed some details around how it’s exploring autonomous driving, and the carmaker is also looking at other aspects of personal mobility, via robotics. This is not unique to Hyunda

Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton, helps the wheelchair-bound walk again

<img src="" />Hayden Allen, who looks quite a bit like Atlético Madrid's Simão Sabrosa, is one of the first people on the planet to use Re