• Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes

    As the world’s leading country in robotics, Japan is producing one robot after the other. Some of them are funny and some of them are for serious purposes. I assume the so-called “Chef Robot”, made for handling Nippon’s national dish sushi, is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Read More

  • KOBIAN proves that robots can now even get emotional (video)

    Humanoid robots are being developed all over the world (but especially in Japan) with many purposes in mind, with assistance to the sick and elderly as two of the most important areas. The problem is that sick and elderly people are usually confronted with robots having a cold, emotionless aura. And this is where a new robot called KOBIAN comes in. Read More

  • Snoozy the Sloth: Breathe with me Snoozy the Sloth from Justin Blinder on Vimeo. This odd little sloth has a real rubber diaphragm inside its tiny slothy guts allowing it to breathe gently as you hold it. Why would its creator, Justin Blinder, make such a thing? Perhaps he… Read More

  • Dog-shaped robot recycles pet poop, is expensive

    Japan-based Tohoku Kankyo is selling the Samu [JP], a robotic trash can that’s shaped like a dog and can get rid of “natural garbage” like food leftovers and pet poo in a biologically acceptable way. Users can turn 600 to 1,000g of bad stuff into compost each day. Read More

  • See Me, feel me, touch me, little robot

    Want cool fun? Need a robot? Get this AI robot. That can be controlled via artificial intelligence and can detect-and-escape barriers and detect-and-trace objects in its surroundings. Cool! Fun! Team them up and they cost $42 with 4 extra batteries! What fun! You can also get full set for $168 including four AI robots! What great robot fun you can have with this! Read More

  • Creepy killer robot children on the loose

    CB2, Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, is slowly learning how to recognize facial expressions. He’s already taught himself how to walk by observing humans do it. Hopefully no one’s using a machete around this thing, else we’re all in really big trouble. Read More

  • Humans can now control robots by thoughts alone (video)

    Honda today announced a “brain machine interface” (press release in English), which makes it possible for human beings to control robots by thought and does away with all the button pressing and joystick holding that usually gets on our nerves when we control our robots. The technology was developed jointly with Japanese tech company Shimadzu and Tokyo-based research institute ATR. Read More

  • Japanese company sells $20,000 action figure

    Two weeks ago, Bandai announced that it gives a 60-foot tall Gundam robot suit to the city of Tokyo, now the Japanese toy giant plans to build robot action figures that cost a whopping $20,000 apiece [JP]. The figures are based on an action anime called Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z in North America). Read More

  • Robot to do its little turn on the catwalk

    “Next up, the always lovely HRP-4C modeling the very best in this year’s faux industrial designs for the discerning robot. Soft curves accentuate the feminine side, while polished chrome reminds us that this line is as functional as it is sexy!” Read More

  • Robot teacher calls roll, scolds kids

    Meet Saya, a robot “teacher” in Japan. She can express the six emotions most commonly displayed by human teachers: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, and sadness. She can call out the students’ names, offer a polite “Thank you”, and admonish the pupils to be quiet. Saya’s developer, Hiroshi Kobayashi, a Tokyo University of Science professor… Read More

  • Japan plans to let robots and humans work hand in hand on the moon

    The Japanese government said Friday the nation should do everything it can to send a robot to the moon by 2020 followed by a human astronaut 10 years later in order to explore the moon’s natural resources. Japan, a country famously poor in natural resources, has a space development strategy task force in place that’s ready to execute the plans and is headed by the Prime Minister. Read More

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