• Diffbot Raises $2 Million Angel Round For Web Content Extraction Technology

    Diffbot Raises $2 Million Angel Round For Web Content Extraction Technology

    Diffbot, the super-geeky/awesome visual learning robot technology which aims to “see” the web the way that people do, is today announcing a new infusion of capital. The company has closed $2 million in funding from a number of technology veterans, including EarthLink founder Sky Dayton; Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems; Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media… Read More

  • Autom The Diet Robot Now Shipping In Time For Nog Season

    Autom The Diet Robot Now Shipping In Time For Nog Season

    I’ve been following Autom for years now, first interfacing with this happy little robot in China and then watching her grow into a young, intelligent diet robot. What does she do? She’s designed to help you lose weight by talking to you every day and getting to know your habits and peccadilloes. Autom sits on your counter and asks what you’re eating. You tell her, through… Read More

  • Stripped Of Its Rubber Skin, Sarcos Dances For His Creator's Pleasure

    This robot, made by the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon, is named Sarco. He is a human analog that can move just like a human being while balancing on two legs. In the video above, Sarco dances for his creator by mimicking a motion captured session. Sarcos is not happy about this but is not yet sentient and so will remember the indignity of this moment but will not act on it until he is… Read More

  • This Is Not An iPad Post. It Is About A Robotic Seal

    Shhhh…. sit down. Relax. Take off your shoes. That’s right. Just unclench that fist. Ok. Ok. That’s right. This is not an iPad-powered robotic seal. No, don’t worry. Sit back down. Ok. Look. This seal plays basketball. I know, right? Swish! Nothin’ but net! Read More

  • KeepOn Dancebot Now Available For $40

    The KeepOn, if you recall, is a tiny robot that dances in time to music and cuddles. It was made as part of the CareBots initiative to design robots that for special needs patients. This little $40 robot isn’t as smart as the original KeepOn but it is still pretty cool. [This robot] captured the essence of the Keepon character while replicating the robot’s most engaging… Read More

  • SIL-BOT, The Little Robot That Tangos

    This is, my friends, the SIL-BOT, an odd robot from Korea designed for telepresence teaching and assistance with dementia patients. Not only does it look like a sassy little lady bug, they can dance, too! Click through to watch him tango. Read More

  • Hanging With Nexi, The Friendly Face-Loving Robot

    Nexi is kind of old news but she’s getting some new friends in the form of a Mark III robot that is being built at MIT’s Media Lab. Nexi here follows your eyes and can sense who you are via RFID. She is very scary. Click through for video. Read More

  • Hands On With The Sarcos XOS 2 – The Real Life Iron Man I recently went to fabulous Salt Lake City to the Raytheon Sarcos facility to see the real life version of the Iron Man suit, the XOS 2. And while this suit isn’t powered by some futuristic kind of reactor embedded within a person’s chest, it’s still very impressive. Read More

  • Egg-Bot Machine Threatens To Put The Bunny Out Of Business

    Meet the hottest geek dad device of next Easter: the Egg-Bot. Developed by the wacky inventors at Evil Mad Science, the Egg-Bot will draw repetitive geometric shapes on any round or egg shaped surface. Think of this as a high tech version of the stencil kit you used to color eggs as a kid, without the colored water and wire egg lifters. Read More

  • Skitterbot Is A Creepy Electronic Cockroach

    So the Skitterbot is a slightly creepy, mostly cool little remote control robot that’s being advertised as “the world’s fastest legged micro-robotic toy”. The Skitterbot is available in four different colors, each representing a different frequency so you can race, battle, or just torment your cat with them. I like the fact that they charge off of a USB port, and are… Read More

  • New footage of LittleDog found: Run away! Run away!

    So you just woke up. You had some cereal, some coffee. Hit the old elliptical and then took a shower and went to work. You fire up the old PC, get the TPS reports ready, and while the FTOPS are loading you visit CrunchGear. You play the video above. You realize that your entire world, one day very soon, will change. You discover that LittleDog is the robot that will kill and macerate you. Read More

  • The Mint Automatic Roboswiffer: Like Roomba but more like Robocop

    What the deuce? This looks like some sort of Swiffer/robot cyborg that mated with an Apple power supply. Apparently the Mint floor cleaner is available for $249 and is now on pre-order. The sweeper dusts and wet mops floors and you can add Swiffer cloths to it. It’s much smaller than the Roomba and I’d actually wager it’s a bit more handsome. This is truly an exciting time… Read More

  • MIT's teleconferencing robot can interact with, strangle you

    Have you ever wanted to reach out and strangle someone during a conference call? Well now you can. MIT’s crazy MeBot is a tiny robot that sits on your desk and moves around, allowing remote communication partners to roam around your office when you’re talking to them. Read More

  • Doctors learning how to operate using robots

    You probably haven’t heard about the Da Vinci surgical robot, but it’s been out for a little while. I had the chance to see it last year (and even try it out a little bit) and it’s an amazing piece of machinery. It’s also extremely expensive and in high demand, so it’s difficult for doctors to find time to train in it’s use. Read More

  • RoboCar G: Japanese venture to sell electric robot car (videos)

    We covered various products from Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP in the past, including a mini robo car, but we never had the chance to blog about an actual robot car (from any company actually). Granted, it’s just a one-seater and not really “robotic”, but the so-called RoboCar G [JP], which is an electric vehicle, doesn’t look too bad and might be the beginning of a… Read More

  • Green Max 4.8 GMAX robot toy: Toilets in disguise

    Did you know that TOTO makes GreenMax 4.8 liter toilets? And did you that in Japan these toilets are revered as deities? What you’re seeing here is a TOTO action figure called GMAX whose catchphrase, “Protect the Earth, GMAX! Ready – Switch, on!” is now part of the Japanese National Anthem. It’s true! Read More

  • Holy crap – the Ukranians have robots

    Fair warning to anyone trying to do evil in Odessa, Ukraine – they have a giant robot guarding the port. While he doesn’t seem to move much, I don’t think he has to. This silent sentry warns anyone coming in to Odessa to be good, or he will smite you with his mighty steel rod. Read More

  • Lian Li "spider" case seen creeping around Taiwan

    Beware the coming of the spider! This strange creature was seen in a back alley, eating cats, small dogs, and any memory chips it happens to find. It has the capability to disguise itself as the Lian Li T1 Pitstop, which is a Mini-atx case with room for a full size power supply. Of course, no word on pricing, availability, or even if we’ll see this case in the US, but it’s a fun… Read More

  • Vote to choose the next Pleo color

    Here’s your chance to change history, and influence the future. The makers of the Pleo are holding a vote to decide exactly what color the new Pleo should be when they change it later this year. Oh, and if you like the original color scheme, you can get free shipping until the end of February. Read More

  • Video: Meet Palro, Fujisoft's mini humanoid

    Most of the robots we cover on CrunchGear have been built for research or entertainment purposes, but some of them do become available for the general public at some point. And today we can give you the Palro (Pal+robot) [JP], a soon to be marketed humanoid developed by Tokyo-based Fujisoft. The little guy stands 39.8cm tall, weighs 1.6kg and boasts a whole range of features: 20 joints, five… Read More

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