robot overlords

Hands On With The Sarcos XOS 2 – The Real Life Iron Man I recently went to fabulous Salt Lake City to the Raytheon Sarcos facility to see the real life version of

One step closer to our robot overlords: the VTOL UAV

<img src="" />Bad news folks, a defense contractor just revealed that they have successfully tested an unmanned vertical take-off

Robot servant looks friendly… so far

While we are awaiting the eventual robot takeover of the human species, our generation will at least will get a little down time. Further generations will not be so lucky; they will be slaves to our r

Styrobot overlords will not be much of a threat

The future just got a whole lot less bleak. The impending and unavoidable robot takeover may not be as damaging to humankind as we once feared. At least not if they keep making ‘em out of styrofoam.

ASIMO now serves cocktails! Ok, now I’m finally ready to love ASIMO. The robot can now team up with other ASIMOs and serve me drinks. Yes! Get me three, please, Honda, please! It’s

All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO

Korean robotics house ED has developed a house-trained robot with questionable uses. It packs a 1GHz Intel Pentium processor and 512MB RAM under the hood. The unit also features WiFi, ethernet, USN 2.