WowWee launches new RS Tri-bot robot

[youtube=] Just in time for Christmas commercial bonanza, WowWee unveiled the latest robot in its Robosapien line: RS Tri-bot. The l

Robosapiens Infest McDonald's Kids' Meals

, and now we see them proliferating into kids’ meals. Starting today, if your munchkin gets a kids’ meal at McDonald’s, it’ll get one of seven robosapien toys. Each of the toys

SpiderSapien Available: Spins No Webs, Way Up High

[youtube] Gadget Shop is selling the odd version of the RoboSapien dressed in full Spidey regalia. The robot has some Spidey web-slinging moves — but n

Coilgunosapien: Destroy All Humans

[youtube] Marcus of Evosapien has added a mini-railgun to his Robosapien — which already has a damn flamethrower on it — and can now complete the