• Videos: Watch Japanese soccer robots scoring "spectacular" goals

    Remember the soccer-playing humanoid we’ve shown you Monday? Well, the “RoboCup Japan Open 2010″ [JP] he was taking part in during the last few days ended yesterday, but not before the yet to be named robot showed off his (limited) skills as a goalkeeper. And he faced an (apparently) stronger adversary. Read More

  • OH NOES! RoboCup not in China this year!

    RoboCup lovers better get on the phone with China Air because they canceled the RoboCup in July of this year and will be possibly changing the venue, although nothing is definite. They cited “Olympics related issues,” which I suspect is code for “chance of robocup participants waving flags saying ‘Free Tibet.'” Dear all, Due to the Olympic related issues, the… Read More

  • RoboCup: Robots Play Soccer, America Still Hates the Sport

    While real life soccer hooligans like me are content to watch the Copa America for their summertime football fix, several nerds thought it’d be a good idea to have robots play the beautiful game. Thus we have the RoboCup, a Georgia Tech-hosted festival of robots and the nerds who build (and love) them for the purpose of advancing the field of robotics. While soccer isn’t the only… Read More