Life after logistics

You’ll have to forgive me, as this is going to be one of those in-between Actuator weeks. I finally took a couple of days off last week after working through the last few weekends, and today I’ve

DeepMind’s RoboCat learns to perform a range of robotics tasks

DeepMind says that it has developed an AI model, called RoboCat, that can perform a range of tasks across different models of robotic arms. That alone isn’t especially novel. But DeepMind claims

Thermodo Reveals New Stretch Goals, Outside Developer Support And Backer Reward Levels

Tiny smartphone thermometer accessory Thermodo is on a funding roll, and it hopes to keep things going with new backer levels that it has shared exclusively with TechCrunch. Two new colorways are in d

Meet Thermodo: A Tiny External Thermometer That Lives In Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack

Danish startup Robocat has built a lot of software for Apple's iOS devices, but today the company is branching out with the launch of a new hardware accessory for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices