robobusiness 2008

National Instruments' Wiibot

Powercast: Wireless power for robots and devices

Click To Play Powercast exhibited their power transmission technologies by “shooting” LEDs with energy and making them light up. These guys make the CES rounds so we’ve seen them bef

Robo scorpion: Ouch, quit it. Ouch, quit it

Galileo wheeltrack component demo

The Segway RMP: Magic carpet ride

CMU's snake robot: Coming up through a toilet near you

Robots with guns: The ethical dilemma

I am but a toy! I was at the show today talking to some folks about the current crop of military robots from people like Foster-Miller and even iRobot. These are robots deployed by the army to handle

RoboBusiness 2008: Kind of small, lots of cool stuff

Just got to RoboBusiness 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA where I’ve seen more cool things in a 100 square foot space than I’ve ever seen at the South Hall 8AC57.9.B at CES. There are quite a few ki