robobusiness 2008

  • National Instruments' Wiibot While it’s no Nintendo R.O.B., National Instruments is showing off a robotic arm using its proprietary control system that can accept inputs from… Read More

  • Powercast: Wireless power for robots and devices

    Click To Play Powercast exhibited their power transmission technologies by “shooting” LEDs with energy and making them light up. These guys make the CES rounds so we’ve seen them before but their plan here is to embed their technology into wireless robots and simply send the power along with the control commands as the robots traverse scary terrain. So far they… Read More

  • Robo scorpion: Ouch, quit it. Ouch, quit it National Instruments makes the code inside Lego Mindstorms. Lego Mindstorms hurts me. Kill National Instruments. Kill! Read More

  • Galileo wheeltrack component demo This is a prototype of a wheel/track component that can change from wheel to track when the situation demands. The tracks have hooked treads that can pull… Read More

  • The Segway RMP: Magic carpet ride
    Sadly, this odd platform wasn’t working today due to firmware problems. However, as you can see from the video, it’s basically a moving… Read More

  • CMU's snake robot: Coming up through a toilet near you Got to see CMU’s Snake Robot up close and it’s really something. The bugger rolls around the floor and can climb up pipes and through holes with… Read More

  • Robots with guns: The ethical dilemma

    I am but a toy! I was at the show today talking to some folks about the current crop of military robots from people like Foster-Miller and even iRobot. These are robots deployed by the army to handle bomb detection, room clearing, and all the nasty stuff you don’t want to send humans in for. For years, politicians have been deriding these things as remote controlled toys rather than… Read More

  • RoboBusiness 2008: Kind of small, lots of cool stuff

    Just got to RoboBusiness 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA where I’ve seen more cool things in a 100 square foot space than I’ve ever seen at the South Hall 8AC57.9.B at CES. There are quite a few kit makers here for education and research along with some cool research projects by Carnegie Mellon and other local universities. Read More