Roboadvisor Betterment launches crypto offering with four themed portfolios

Betterment, a roboadvisory platform that manages more than $30 billion in assets, has finally launched its crypto offering after completing a private beta phase. The fintech acquired Makara, a crypto

Grove raises $2.1M to find the sweet spot between old-school financial advisers and chatbots

Right now if you want financial guidance and planning help you basically have two options – shell out thousands (or more) a year for an old-school Wall Street-affiliated advisor, or test your lu

With $25 million in funding, Prumentum Group is building a “hybrid robo” wealth manager

A new wealth management startup called Prumentum Group is coming to market with a unique value proposition, looking to combine the technology chops of a roboadvisor with the human touch of a registere

SoFi gets into wealth management

SoFi wants to be at the center of its members' financial lives, and believes the best way to do so is to provide new products that complement its existing portfolio of student loan, mortgage and other

LVH and 55 Capital raise $10 million to build investment solutions for financial advisors

LVH, the parent of 55 Capital, has raised $10 million in Series A funding to build out its technology platform for investors and further its financial research. Point72 Ventures, the venture capital f