• Crunch Report | Waze and Spotify Partner Up

    Roblox gets $92 million in new funding, Parker Conrad’s new company, Rippling and Waze and Spotify partner up to play music and navigate seamlessly. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Roblox nabs $92 million to power its massive social gaming platform for kids

    Roblox nabs $92 million to power its massive social gaming platform for kids

    Roblox has spent the greater part of the millennium creating a cool place for kids to play a diverse collection of games inside a single cross-platform world for its huge audience of tens of millions of monthly active youngsters. The company announced Tuesday that it has closed a massive $92 million funding round led by Meritech Capital Partners and Index Ventures. Read More

  • ROBLOX Raises $4 Million For Its Online Building Game For Kids

    ROBLOX this morning announced it has closed a $4 million Series B round of funding from existing backers, including ALTOS Ventures and First Round Capital. The company offers a game that allows kids aged seven to 16 to architect their own environments in a massively multi-player 3D world, subtly teaching them software coding practices along the way. Started in September 2006, the company… Read More

  • The Year In Virtual Goods By The Numbers

    The global virtual goods industry put up some very impressive numbers this year. From special Easter eggs to virtual ad campaigns, virtual goods sales have grabbed their share of headlines over the past twelve months. Now with social gaming on the rise and everyone from your teenage nephew to your grandma to your old rugby teammate buying a “little something” to sweeten their… Read More