robert vamosi

  • Keen On… Robert Vamosi: When Gadgets Betray Us + Book Giveaway

    Can gadgets betray us? Is the Pope Catholic? Last week, we ran an interview with Robert Vamosi, a senior security analyst at Mocana, and the author of When Gadgets Betray Us, about the iPhone location tracking kerfuffle. But Vamosi’s new book goes beyond a critique of Apple and Google. When Gadgets Betray Us is a broad warning about how the latest technology hardware – from… Read More

  • It’s Not Just Apple That Is Tracking Our Every Movement (TCTV)

    This story of how the iPhone and iPad are tracking the every movement of their users keeps growing. Now DC Policymakers Ed Markey and Al Franken have gotten into the act, calling on Steve Jobs for an answer to this potentially massively embarrassing story. While I haven’t had the opportunity to chat today with Steve about the situation, I did talk earlier to Robert Vamosi, a cybersleuth… Read More