Robert Kalin

  • Index Ventures Buys Into Etsy, Triples Valuation To Nearly $300 Million

    Index Ventures Buys Into Etsy, Triples Valuation To Nearly $300 Million

    Crafty commerce site Etsy just raised another $20 million in its fifth venture round (that would be the Series E). Index Ventures is the new investor leading the round, with partner Danny Rimer getting an observer’s seat on the board. (The board is made up of founder Rob Kalin, Caterina Fake, Accel partner Jim Breyer and Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson). Previous… Read More

  • Etsy CEO: How Social Will Unlock Etsy’s Potential [Video]

    After a brief hiatus, the founder of Etsy Rob Kalin reclaimed the CEO title in January of this year. During a brief interview at Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters, I asked Kalin, “Why do you think you deserve to be back as CEO?…Is there anything really unique about your vision that will take Etsy to the next stage?” Kalin responded: “Sure, so why do I deserve to be CEO… Read More

  • As Etsy Turns A Profit, Founder Rob Kalin Takes Over Again As CEO

    Etsy founder Rob Kalin will be taking over the reins as CEO once again in January, 2010, he writes in a blog post. Etsy’s current CEO, Maria Thomas, will be leaving the company. Thomas was brought on as CEO in mid-2008 from NPR (where she headed up its digital efforts), and helped grow the marketplace for hand-crafted goods. The comScore chart indicates that it’s been on a bit of… Read More