Local Search Service Roamz Shifts Again – Now “Local Measure,” Startup Brings Geo-Based Data To Businesses (& Gets Them To Pay)

<a target="_blank" href="">Roamz</a>, a local search and discovery startup which has been struggling to gain traction as a consumer-facing service, is shifting its focus again. Th

Roamz Prepares A “Street View For Social” Using New Google Maps iOS SDK

<a target="_blank" href="">Roamz</a>, a local search startup for web and mobile, is today showing off one of the first implementations of the new Google Maps iOS SDK in its new iP

Roamz Brings Its Local Social Search Engine To The Web

Roamz, a startup which recently relaunched its mobile applications with a new focus on local search (<a href="">as opposed to serendipitou

Is Serendipity Dead? Location-Based Mobile App Roamz Relaunches To Focus On User Intent Instead

When <a href="">Roamz first launched</a> its social-local-mobile application, the thing was all about serendip