Exposed GOP database demonstrates the risks of data-hungry political campaigns

Since November, the Trump campaign’s possibly brilliant, maybe-just-lucky data strategy launched a thousand thinkpieces. Now, we’ve got a more intimate look at that data than we were ever

Tech reacts to Clinton’s DNC speech

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was delivered in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s speech at last week’s Republican National Convention. He

Tech reacts to Trump’s RNC speech

Trump’s RNC speech was long, so we here at TechCrunch cut it down for you with 10 quick reactions from investors, executives, and engineers.

What’s Peter Thiel going to say at the Republican National Convention?

Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley’s own wild card, is slated to speak at the Republican National Convention next Thursday, according to the New York Times. Though Thiel has previously voiced support f

Are Republicans The Party Of Silicon Valley?

According to Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist, innovation is central to the Republican’s chances in 2016. Spicer argues that the Republicans -- with their pro business, anti regulation slan

ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, & Primetime going high-def

About damn time. ABC is the last major network to make the HD jump but the network is using the Democratic National Convention to premier their nightly news in high definition. Both ABC World News, as