• Yahoo Acquires Rivals for $100 million

    Yahoo has acquired college sports site Rivals.com, says the Associated Press in a story that may have been accidentally published early. The price is not being disclosed, although the rumor is that the deal was closed for around $100 million. Rumors of talks first surfaced in April. We previously reported on Terry’s involvement in securities fraud and were subsequently threatened with… Read More

  • Shannon Terry Is Pissed Off, Threatens Lawsuit Against TechCrunch

    I just received the letter below by email, in reference to my previous post on Shannon Terry and Rivals.com. I’m not going to make a statement on this just yet – our lawyers are involved and have advised me to keep quiet for now. I’ll say this much, though. Rivals is no longer my favorite sports news site. Update (11:42 pm PST 4/13/08): I am still not prepared to respond… Read More

  • CEO Of Rivals Involved In Securities Fraud; May Kill Yahoo Acquisition

    Update: See here. Rumors about a possible $100 million acquisition by Yahoo of sports content site Rivals surfaced today. But two previous deals to acquire the company died once it was discovered that the CEO, Shannon Terry, was found to have been involved in a classic “pump and dump” scheme, and violated the anti-touting and antifraud provisions of U.S. securities laws in… Read More