New Website Posts Photos of Rioters, Will Forward ID’s to Police

Just this morning we reported on the creation of a Google Group whose members are discussing how to use facial recognition technology to identify looters from London's riots in online photos. Now, a s

Google Group Members to Use Facial Recognition to Identify London Rioters

A new Google Group called "London Riots Facial Recognition" has appeared online, in the wake of the riots that rocked the U.K. capital over the weekend. The group's goal is to use facial recognition t

Singing Protest Songs, Users Paste HD DVD Encryption Key Everywhere

Wow, OK, don’t mess with nerds (’cause they’re real brave as long as they’re behind their keyboards, you see.) This whole HD DVD encryption thing has now jumped the shark, with

The Great Digg Riots of 2007: Digg Caves In, Link to Encryption Keys All You Want, Kiddos

The nerds cried foul and Digg acquiesced. Digg’s founder—and deity to many—Kevin Rose just posted an explanation for all the shenanigans that happened yesterday regarding HD DVD encr