$3 million round for Vyng proves ringtones are still a thing

Sometimes the journey to success and millions of dollars in venture funding can start with nothing more than a Mexican road trip and crashing a cat convention's film festival. That's the story of Vyn

After 45M+ Installs On Android, Zedge Brings Its Content Personalization Experience To The iPhone

Its name may not be familiar, but <a target="_blank" href="http://www.zedge.net/">Zedge</a> has become one of the most popular Android apps out there. Offering personalized content and game discovery

The Palm Pre's ringtone has leaked!

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/palmhere.jpg" />The Palm Pre's ringtone has leaked. You can listen to it now, perhaps even assign it to your iPhone 3G if you're feeling

Which gadgets should be banned from public use?

Wired.com has a list called Five Antisocial Gadgets That Should be Banned. While I don’t necessarily agree with the final two items – e-books and satellite navigation – I definitely agree with t

AT&T's list of most downloaded ringtones in 2007 makes me sad

Society reaches a new low as the list of the top ten downloaded ringtones of 2007 on the AT&T network reads like a who’s who of smelly, no-talent ass-music. The only thing worse than this li

Make custom rings for iPhone with GarageBand update

Now you can inflict your Evanescence remixes with everyone around you – all the time! The new GarageBand update allows you to export 40-second chunks of your songs as ringtones for your iPhone,

Van Halen, Dave Matthews Band now in ringtone form

Here’s a tip for bands that don’t make new music any more. If you’re offered to sell your songs as ringtones, do it. It’s one of the last places that most people are still acti

PatentMonkey: Nokia's Karaoke Ring Tones

This week Nokia received a patent for more than just mere ringtones, but ringtones that can be modified with a secondary tone, or what they call “compound ring tones“. Oh yes, get all your

Add Ringtones to Your iPhone… Sorry, XP/Vista Only

David at MobilityToday is selling a cool new app that appears to take advantage of the jailbreak hack to add new ringtones to your iPhone. Vista only, kids. Sucks to be a Mac user! Click through to Mo

Add Your Own Ringtone to the iPhone

While this functionality should soon be available in some sort of cool open source UI package, the folks at HacktheiPhone have broken down the process into 23 easy to follow steps that involve downloa

The End of Human Civilization I: Landline MP3 Ringtone Thing

If you’ve got $12 to blow and want to guarantee I never speak to you again, you might consider investing in a Magic Ringtone MP3 Ringer. Sure, ringtones are nothing new, but this horrid little d

Push Ringtones, Reason to Give Up on This Merry-Go-Round Called "Life" on Horizon

I can think of a few things I could spend $7.7 million on that would be less annoying and potentially misanthropic as Push Ringers. The idea isn’t new — some folks call them Ring Backs. Wh

Study: You Hate Mobile Content

Your wireless provider wants you to buy ringtones. It wants you to buy wallpaper, Bejeweled and MP3 ringbacks (we hate that crap, really). It wants you to watch sports clips on a one-inch screen, and