• Japanese company offers anti-pollen allergy ringtone

    Do you remember the ringtone for dogs a Japanese company started offering two years ago? Now Japan gets to download another equally zany app for their cell phones, a ringtone [JP] that’s supposed to clean your nostrils in case you suffer from pollen allergy. The way it works is pretty simple. Read More

  • Can we all please grow up and get a real ringtone?

    We’ve all been sitting in a movie, waiting in a line, or sleeping in church, only to be annoyed by a dumb ringtone. For some reason, random people across all generations think that everyone else wants to hear a Boom Boom Pow or animal sound ringer. Well, we don’t. This is nothing new. There was a time before MP3 ringers when polyphonic ringtones were all the rage. In fact, I… Read More

  • Japanese company offers ringtones for dogs

    Tokyo-based interactive content provider Dwango announced today [JP, PDF] the start of a download service of a very special kind. Now Japanese cell phone owners are able to get ringtones that are only audible to dogs. The service is dubbed Inu ni shika kikoenai chakushinon (ringtones only dogs can hear). Dwango says their idea is absolutely groundbreaking. Downloads are free for subscribers of… Read More